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 Playboy Collectors Cards

1994 to 1996 Update set (The first expansion set)

Release date March 18, 2002

By: Stellar Collectibles

Production: 400 cases, 700 binder sets, 125 Premium binder sets. Foil boxes contain 10 cards to a pack, 24 packs to a box, 10 boxes to a case. Promo poster: Anna Nicole Smith (11" x 17")
110 common cards featuring 36 Playmates and 2 checklists

9 Celebrity chase cards, 6 Playmate of the Year cards, 3 Photo of the Year cards

Jan 1994 to December 1996
Two promo cards were issued with Wet and Wild 1 (#'s 97 and 98) Three promos in the Update set for College Girls CG 1-CG 3 Two checklists with common set #'s 99 (error--should be 109) and 110
Gold Foil Inserts
        Playmate of the Year (6)
        Brande Roderick   PMOY #1PY-#6PY
        Celebrity (3 x 3)
        Angie Everhart         #1AE-#AE
        Kylie Bax              #1KB-3KB 
        Mia St. John           #1MS-#3MS

        Insertion ratio: PMOY cards average 1
      in 12 packs (two to a box), celebrity cards 1 in 8 packs 
       (three to a box).

Update Autograph Cards
         As with other Stellar products, only the 
        Premium set autographs will be numbered, autograph card
        art once again differs from set art. 
        Cards issued with foil packs 
        Maria Checa       PMOY August 1994
        Donna Perry       PMOY November 1994
        Rhonda Adams      PMOY June 1995
        Holly Witt        PMOY November 1995
        Victoria Fuller   PMOY January 1996
        Karin Taylor      PMOY June 1996
        Ulrika Erickson   PMOY November 1996
        Brande Roderick   PMOY 2001
        Kylie Bax         Celebrity
        Angie Everhardt   Celebrity
      There will likely be extra cards distributed later
Insertion Ratio:  1 in 24 packs

     Insertion ratio: One autograph in a box,
       one autograph in each box.  Odds of 
       receiving any one card: 1 to 240 packs.

Photo of the Year cards    
A variation on the Photo of the Month and Cover of the 
Month cards from previous editions, this time there will be
three cards, one from each year. 

        1994   Nikki Peterson
        1995   Sandra Taylor (Sandi Korn)
        1996   Jenny McCarthy
      Insertion Ratio: 1 to a box

Jumbo Cards 3.5" x 5"
     Case Topper  auto      Priscilla Taylor  March 1996
     Box Topper  auto       Anne Marie Goddard January 1994
     Binder set card auto   Lisa Marie Scott  February 1995
     Premium Binder set card  Danelle Folta   April 1995 
Extra Cards      
     Danelle Folta Jumbo auto (released with Premium binders)
     Neriah Davis   autographed 
     Mia St John    unautographed autograph 
Notes: The information above was taken from the promotional poster
 for the update set, from Jim Dryden of Blue Waves, and from the cards 
 themselves after their release.  Typical for adult card sets this 
 edition was months late.   Comparisions to earlier editions:
 Covering each month between 1994 and 1996, the card formats followed 
 the cover, pictorial, and centerfold grouping, however the cover 
 cards only had the heading and subject without any other text. The
 font and letter size also changed on some areas of the cards compared 
 to previous editions, this is most noticable on the card  backs.   
 Pictorial and centerfold cards are quite similar to the older editions.
 Cover cards also do not seem to be sized quite correctly, many have 
 edges of the word Playboy sliced off.  Lettering is light blue and silver,
 chase cards are gold.  Twelve of the thirty six covers were not available, 
 substitute images were used, as in the older sets.  Continuing a trend set
 by Stellar, artwork on autograph cards varys from common cards, and 
 regular foil pack autographs will not be numbered.  Extra cards were 
 released through Blue Waves, as with other editions, extra cards were made
 up as "spares" in the event that one or more of the contracted autograph 
 subject failed to return their cards in time for the set release.  About 
 6 to 8 weeks after the set release, these cards are placed on the market. 

 A 400 case edition is slightly more than half of the December printing, 
 which is now sold out and becoming scarce.  With this release Stellar 
 and Blue Waves attempted to set suggested retail prices for the cards, 
 they were not particularly successful, although it remains to be seen 
 how dealers who violated their price guidelines will be handled in 
 future releases.  Pricing remains a sore subject for dealers attempting to
 compete with others selling at their cost.  

 Since the coallation on the Update set is very good to excellent, there are
 usually about 14 extra cards in a box.  This means that there are going to
 be few trading singles entering the market.  Buyers are advised to buy sets
 or boxes rather than attempt to put together a set from singles.