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Welcome to Don Troy's Playboy Collectors Card Information Site

For those not familiar with it, this site was created to serve as an information source for Collectors and Dealers of all types of Playboy Trading Cards. If you are looking for pictures of naked women, let me suggest you have come to the wrong place. There are very few pictures on this site and even less nudity. What you will find here are notes and statistical information on just about every kind of Playboy Card issued.  The navigation page table at left has been revised for most pages, in an attempt to organize the site better.

How to use the site: Each of the links at left will take you to a web page describing the card edition in the title.  January to December Monthly sets were the first editions released.   Update sets follow the same format as Monthly sets and continued the basic premise of Playboy Trading cards.    Newstand editions were released by Paradigm and Stellar through 2000 and 2010, and may return following the last Update set.   If you don't see the set you are looking as you go through the green tables in one of the pages at the left try another page or e-mail me and I'll try to help.

The site has been updated when a new card edition was released, as new information becomes available, or when I find the need and/or enthusiasm. Site visitors are encouraged to bring possible errors to my attention. Comments or questions about the site or its content should be directed to me at

Disclaimer: The information contained here is as reliable as I can make it, it has been taken from many different places; primary sources were Sports Time and Paradigm Collectors Club flyers, Stellar Collectibles flyers, Playboy Catalog editions, The Lasting Images Price Guide Number 2, Blue Waves or Stellar promotional information or product notices, Playboy Collectors Club of America Guides, and my own card collection. I am not affiliated with Playboy, Private Collections, Sports Time, Paradigm, Stellar Collectibles, Blue Waves Trading, Star Pics, Stellar, or any other group that has issued trading cards. Information in brackets on any of the pages is unconfirmed and questionable.

So you want to buy a card? In the Links to Prices and Dealers section at the left you will find some dealers, I am one of them, the number of adult card dealers has been steady since about 1999, and it is still easy to find common cards. Certain chase cards were scarce at release or are now becoming scarce.

Legalese: I don't own the names of any of the card sets referred to on this site, nor do I make any claim to the words Playboy, Playmate, or any other trademarked description used, and all descriptions are strictly for the information of the reader. Any opinions expressed are mine anlone. Readers may download and copy this file for their own use, but may not distribute the information contained here without permission.