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As mentioned on the Site Start Page, I deal in Playboy cards, as do most larger collectors who collect Playboy and other adult cards. If you want to support this site, the best way is to buy cards from me. I'm not trying to be the cheapest dealer on the net, but you will find I tend to have more in stock than many dealers, particularly in higher end cards and earlier Playboy releases.

Some buying advice: In general, you will pay more for a card at a store than you will at a show, and more at a show than you will on the net. But remember, the best deals go to the best customers, if you have not developed a relationship with a dealer, it is unlikely you will get access to the rarest cards.

Don Troy--Use this link to send mail to me or to ask a question, be sure to reference cards in the title as I get a lot of spam. I deal in cards as a hobby only, so I cannot accept credit cards as payment. I do retail sales of binder sets, chase cards, most autographed cards, boxes, and sets. I will consider trades, but usually don't accept them. I will also buy cards if the price is right. (That is--ridiculously cheap).

Other dealers I can recommend--try a websearch on the following names (in no particular order): Phil Libraro, ISO Cards (Canada), hefscards (eBay)  or Ken Ritchie . Once again, try them one at a time on an item, do not send blanket emails to everyone listed.

Please don't contact each of us at the same time for the same item. We don't want to compete with each other. Each person listed specializes in different things, so contacting all of us wastes everybody's time.

Blue Waves trading was originallly a wholesale dealer only, they are now actively promoting retail business.

Stellar Collectibles, the current licensee for Playboy Trading cards, has a website. We don't have reciprocal links so you will have to search for it on either a Yahoo or Google search. It will only give you information on Stellar releases.


Notes on Prices--You are welcome to contact me for a price estimate or quote, if you are interested the link below gives my pricing for common Playboy items.

Playboy Early editions pricing