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March Edition
Released Apr. 1995
By: Sports Time, Inc.
Production :1500 cases, 5000 binder sets
Promo poster: Erika Eleniak
121 Regular Cards (Including one #4/#7 variant)
Mar 1954 to Mar 1993
6 April Preview Cards #1PR-#6PR
3 Checklists #1CK-#3CK
Gold Foil Inserts
       Corinna Harney    PMOY    #1PY-#6PY 
       Erika Eleniak             #1EE-#3EE 
       Nastassia Kinski          #1NK-#3NK
       Tula Cossey               #1TC-#3TC 
   Insertion ratio: PMOY cards averaged 1 in 18 packs,
   celebrity cards were roughly 1 in 9 packs. 
  [Eleniak cards may be slightly more rare than others]

March Autographed Cards Corinna Harney PMOY #1PY (2500) Tula Cossey #1TC (2500) Laurie Wood #108 (2500) Deborah Driggs #111 (2500) Julie Clark #114 (2500) Tylyn John #117 (2500) Kimberly Donley #120 (2500) Insertion ratio: One autograph to a box, but three boxes in a case had no autograph. Binder set cards None. (March is the only monthly edition issued without a binder set card.)

Notes: The Number 7 card in the March set has a very common error card variant labelled #4 instead of #7. The error card is so common that it is usually included in March sets as an extra card. For this reason I have given the set card count as 121 for March instead of 120. There were 5000 Factory binder sets made for Playboy, Sports Time did not distribute binder sets for the March edition. There were no binder set cards or Jumbo cards. Autograph cards were numbered but were not imprinted. A Dona Speir autograph was one of three premium cards distributed to Playboy Catalog buyers of the second Chromium Card Binder set. An Ellen Michaels autograph was one of three premium cards distributed to Playboy Catalog buyers of the first Chromium card set. Susie Owens signed cards for the Collectors Club. Promotional posters from the March edition are rare.