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Playboy EXPO setReleased July 17, 1999By: Paradigm, Inc.
Production: 2500 sets, 50 autographed setsNo promo card or sheet
177 Regular Cards#1-#177Subject: Centerfold card images
3 Checklists#178-#180
No chase cards were issued

Autographed binder set 

   A 177 card common set including 100 signed cards,
   each with a gold ink authentic stamp, signers were:

Rhonda Adams          Marliece Andrada    Helena Antonaccio
Rebekka Armstrong     Lisa Baker          Penny Baker
Heidi Becker          Tina Bockrath       Gillian Bonner
Angel Boris           Eleanor Bradley     Elisa Bridges
Deanna Brooks         Be Be Buell         Dianne Chandler
Julie Cialini         Missy Cleveland     Victoria Cooke
Morwena Corwin        Tishara Cousino     Laura Cover
Erica Dahm            Jaclyn Dahm         Nicole Dahm
Neriah Davis          Dolores Del Monte   Lisa Dergan
Terri Lynn Doss       Michelle Drake      Patty Duffek
Daphne Duplaix        Anulka Dzubinska    Kimberly Evenson
Ava Fabian            Patti Farinelli     Jami Ferell
Christina Ferguson    Danelle Folta       Karen Foster
Victoria Fuller       Stacy Fuson         Veronica Gamba
Joey Gibson           Vanessa Gleason     Anna-Marie Goddard
Gina Goldberg         Jennifer Jackson    Jean Jani
Debra Jensen          Azizi Johari        Tylyn John
Debi Nicolle Johnson  Echo Johnson        Kerri Kendall
Bonnie Large          Jennifer Lavoie     Jessica Lee
Luann Lee             Nancie Li Brandi    De De Lind
Liv Lindeland         Candy Loving        Julie Lyndon
Kym Malin             Patricia McLain     Peggy McIntaggart
Kelly Monaco          Karen Morton        Lillian Mueller
Johnnie Nicely        Joyce Nizzari       Monique Noel
Kalin Olsen           Lesa Ann Pedriana   Janet Quist
Patty Reynolds        Layla Roberts       Jennifer Rovero
Heather Ryan          Suzi Schott         Natalia Sokolova
Ellen Stratton        Karin Taylor        Jeana Tomasino
Shannon Tweed         Tracy Vaccaro       Victoria Valentino
Yvette Vickers        Carol Vitale        Christine Williams
Cherie Witter         Nicole Wood         Victoria Zdrok
(and 9 others)

--Autograph information was taken from a Paradigm 
  solicitation for the EXPO set-- 

Notes: The Playboy EXPO set was created for the EXPO which took place at the Pacific Design Center on July 17-18, 1999 in Los Angeles to commemorate Playboy's 45th Anniversary. The cards are standard size and all have the same backs, i.e. the EXPO logo (see the scan above). The set was designed to contain a card for each of the attending Playmates, which could be signed at the show. The front of the cards were reprints of the fronts of pictorial cards from earlier editions. The backs were the EXPO logo, there were 35 cards where the pictorial image was new, for attending Playmates from 1994 to 1999. Common sets were released in a sealed 200 count hard case with a cardboard spacer. A Paradigm sponsored autographed set was created, and Paradigm arranged for 100 Playmates to sign 50 cards each. These cards were stamped with a authenticity stamp and were numbered, this set was released in a binder. It has been reported that the number of autographs in some EXPO autographed sets varied from 98 to 102. Since the autographed sets were released in August, 1999 some have been broken up and the autographed cards may be found individually.