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SuperModels Lingerie Edition 1Released April, 1999By: Paradigm, Inc.
Production: [500] cases, 1125 binder sets Promo sheet: Sung Hi Lee
60 Regular Cards#1-#603 cards each on various Playboy Newsstand Lingerie Models
10 Sung Hi Lee feature model cards#61 through #69
2 Checklists#71 and #72

36 Gold Foil Cards (1 in 18 packs) 5 Alley Baggett Readers Choice '98 cards #AB1-#AB5 Super Model Autographed Cards There are a total of 35 autographed cards: 20 standard size and 15 Jumbo autographs. Two standard autographs were issued with each box. (1 to 18 packs) The standard autographs are: Alley Baggett AB2 (750) Angel Boris #2 (750) Anna Rose Chang #4 (750) Neriah Davis #8 (750) Jessia Humphreys #11 (750) Keri Kendall #14 (750) Laureen Langdon #16 (750) Samantha Laurent #20 (750) Shannon Leahy #22 (750) Sung Hi Lee #61 (750) Heidi Mark #26 (750) Shae Marks #29 (750) R. J. Marteen #32 (750) Cori Nadine #34 (750) Alesha Oreskovitch #37 (750) Lisa Ortega #40 (750) Christi Taylor #49 (750) Lynn Thomas #53 (750) LeeAnn Tweeden #56 (750) Dita von Teese #58 (750) The Jumbo autographs are: (Ten from various sources, Five more marketed exclusively by Blue Waves Trading and Mark's Non-Sports Cards) Ten Jumbo 3.5" x 5" cards Angel Boris Box Topper #2 (750) Laurie Langdon Box Topper #16 (750) Samantha Laurent Box Topper #20 (750) Sung Hi Lee Box Topper #61 (750) Christi Taylor Box Topper #49 (750) Alley Baggett Collectors Club AB2 (1000) Heidi Mark Collectors Club #26 (1000) Lee Ann Tweeden Collectors Club #56 (1000) R. J. Marteen Binder set card #32 (1500) Lynn Thomas Case Topper #53 (750) Master Distributors Jumbo set (matching numbers) Neriah Davis #8 (1000) Shae Marks #29 (1000) Alesha Oreskovitch #37 (1000) Stacy Sanches #47 (1000) Dita von Teese #58 (1000) Notes: The number of cards sold in a box changed with this edition, while normally there were 360 cards in a box (36 packs, 10 cards to a pack) in this edition there were 216 cards in a box (36 packs, 6 cards to a pack). Price of the case did not drop. [500] cases were issued, they were sold out before the edition was released through Paradigm. 1000 Factory Binder sets were made, along with 125 Premium Binder sets. The Stacy Sanches autograph card originally slated for inclusion in this set was not done at the set release, it was replaced by the Sung Hi Lee card. The Sanches card was later released as a Collectors Club premium. (Thanks to Bob Chantry for pointing out the Sanches omission).