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Japanese Playboy (February) Edition

Released Late, 1998

By: Paradigm, Inc.

Production: [500] cases

Promo poster: Unknown

120 Regular Cards


Feb 1954 to Feb 1993

6 March Preview Cards



3 Checklists



Gold Foil Inserts

       Jenny McCarthy PMOY #1PY-#6PY
       Bo Derek            #1BD-#3BD
       LaToya Jackson      #1LJ-#3LJ
       Morganna            #1M-#3M
      There is no information on the insertion ratio
      of chase cards in the Japanese edition.      
February Autograph Cards
Revised Information:Reputable dealers who have
       opened case lots of Japanese Playboy state that 
       insertion ratios for autographs are 1 to a case 
       (1 in 360 packs).  Pam and Jenny autographs 
       would be highly unlikely in this edition, as 
       Sports Time's stock on Pam and Jenny went into 
       the Best of Pam and Best of Jenny editions. 
       Paradigm may have used any available autograph
       for insertion in foil packs of Japanese Playboy.      
       For Example, Phil Libraro says he received a 
       Carrie Wescott autograph in a Japanese Playboy
       foil pack.  

Notes: New Information: In mid 2002 a close out dealer purchased and released 700 boxes of Japanese Playboy (probably old Paradigm stock). Unfortunately it was marketed as February boxes which is incorrect.

BUYER ALERT: Buyers should be aware that Japanese Playboy has been called February, but the card color numbers are red rather than blue, there is little chance for an autograph and less chance of a valuable autograph, and finally some of the cards are airbrushed. Buyer Beware!

Original Notes: Japanese Playboy was a marketing attempt by Paradigm to create an edition for the Japanese market. The cards were never intended for release in the United States, although several dealers have imported product back into the US, unofficially. The Japanese edition parallels the United States February edition, however the numbering of the cards on the back is done in red for the Japanese edition, as opposed to blue in the US edition. Some preview and chase cards appear to have been taken from the US edition or at least printed with the same color scheme, possibly in error. (Checklist cards 1CK and 3CK have only been seen with blue numbers to date.) Some of the images have been airbrushed to conform to the Japanese prohibition of display of the genitals. Japanese pack wrappers and boxes are similar to US edition, text on the back is partially in Japanese. While not common in the US, certain larger distributors can supply Japanese Playboy. Based on comments from one of these distributors (Blue Waves) it does not look like the edition will be repeated, since the Japanese buyer prefers the more explicit United States edition, and has no real difficulty obtaining the US edition in Japan.