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February Edition

Released Nov. 1994

By: Sports Time, Inc.

Production: 1500 cases, 7500 binder sets

Promo poster: Anna Nicole Smith

120 Regular Cards


Feb 1954 to Feb 1993

6 March Preview Cards



3 Checklists



Gold Foil Inserts

       Jenny McCarthy PMOY #1PY-#6PY
       Bo Derek            #1BD-#3BD
       LaToya Jackson      #1LJ-#3LJ
       Morganna            #1M-#3M

   Insertion ratio: PMOY cards averaged 1
     in 18 packs, celebrity cards were roughly
     1 in 9 packs.  #1PMOY is a little more 
     common than others.

February Autograph Cards

       Jenny McCarthy   PMOY #1PMOY (3000)
       LaToya Jackson        #1LJ (2500)
       Pamela Anderson       #111 Feb. 1990 (2500)

    Insertion ratio: One autograph in a box, 
       seven out of ten boxes in a case had no
       autograph.  For each autograph, odds were
       one in 360 packs.  

Binder card
     One binder card was created for Playboy 
     Catalog binders. The card has no color image,
     but is printed in gold ink (front and back)
     and black ink (back).  

Redemption cards
     At least two redemption cards have surfaced,
     they were never inserted into the February
     edition.  One card was created for a Bo Derek
     autograph which was never available, the 
     other for LaToya Jackson, was not necessary
     as LaToya's autographs were available when 
     the set was released.  These redemption cards
     have become available in the collectables
     market after Sports Time sold off its 
     remaining Playboy card stock in 1998.   
Notes: There was almost a year delay 
     in the release of the February edition while
     Sports Time took over the license from Private
     Collections.  The co-allation  problems  which
     plagued the January edition were resolved on
     both common and chase  cards.  Also, the 
     autographs were issued with numbers, and 
     production records were  kept. 7500 Factory
     binder sets were made for Playboy, there 
     were no premium sets or oversized cards.
     There is one binder card. A Nancy Harwood
     Autograph was distributed to Playboy
     Catalog  buyers of the second edition Chromium
     Card set.  A Julie Peterson card was distributed
     to Playboy Catalog buyers of the first Chromium  
     Card set.   Metallic and 24 K gold signature
     cards of Jenny McCarthy were released well after
     this edition, see special editions section.  The
     Japanese Playboy edition was  based on this set,
     see the Japanese Playboy Card page.