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Chromium Cover Cards Edition 3Released January, 1998By: Sports Time, Inc.
Production: 500 cases, [1000] binder sets One promo sheet, one promo card
95 Regular Cards#201-#300Various Playboy Covers
100 Parallel Refractor Cards#201R-#300R
5 Checklists7 cards Spell "PLAYBOY"
Chase or Insert cards
A refractor card appears similar to a hologram
 card in other card sets, except it reflects light
 slightly differenctly in the card background.  All
 refractor cards have an R next to the card number
 on the back of the card. 

      Refractor cards
     * 18 card refractor subset 
          (2 cards to a box) (1:12 packs)

     * 1 Redemption card for another 12
          card refractor subset
          (1:288 packs)

     * 70 refractor cards available 
          only in factory set or through
          pack offer for binder set
       Autographed cards
     *    255 Barbi Twins autographs-- 
           85 of each of the 3 January chase
           cards signed and numbered.
     *    255 Pam Anderson autographs--
           85 of each of the 3 July chase
           cards signed and numbered. 

     *     Burt Reynolds       (600)
     *     Cathy St. George    (600)
     *     Debbie Boostrom     (600)
     *     Karla Conway        (600)
     *     Lisa Baker          (600)

Chromium 3 Jumbo cards
      Donna D'Errico #3DD Chromium 3 box topper (1000)
      Barbi Benton #3BB " " " Binder set card (1000)
      The images on these cards are taken from
      Centerfold Collectors cards and were used
      to stimulate sales of the Chromium Cover cards. 
      Jumbo Cards were also inserted in Chromium 3 
      foil boxes at a rate of 1 card in a 12 box case. 
      (1:288 packs)

Notes: Sports Time issued 500 Factory binder sets and [500] Factory binder sets were released to Playboy Catalog. This is the last set which Sports Time released before abandoning the license. Foil boxes contained 24 packs and 6 cards to a pack. An empty binder offer card was issued as a box topper. Collectors who found all 7 PLAYBOY cards were offered a four card press sheet and an entry into a drawing for an uncut Chromium 3 Refractor card sheet. Promotional cards for Chromium Card Editions 4 and 5 were printed but not released, they have turned up on the secondary market. Chromium 3 was a rapid sell out. Chromium cards have been discontinued with this edition.