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All of the following Material was issued by Private
     Collections, Sports Time, or through the Playboy 
     Catalog.  By far, most promotional material related 
     to the January edition. 

January Promo Card Set
        A six card set, numbered 6, 74, 102, 107, 113,
        115, and stamped Promo in green on the  back.
        These cards were distributed to dealers in 
        with promotional items and given away at shows.
        They are fairly common and were supplied in a
        cellophane wrapper.

January Dealers Promo Card Folder Set
        This six card set is identical to the standard
        promo card set listed above, but the method of
        distribution was different.  In this item, sent
        to dealers before the release of the January
        edition, the cards were supplied a six card 
        plastic page that was contained in a white 
        cardboard folder.  The folder was stampled in
        Silver foil with the legend "Private Collections
          Playboy January

January Autograph Session Promo Sheet
        This 8.5 x 11 heavy paper sheet was distributed 
        to dealers to advertise the release of the January 
        edition.  Luann Lee, Susi Simpson, Rene Tenison,
        Jacqueline Sheen, Tawni Cable, and Tanya Beyer 
        are listed as attending the event.  Attendance
        probably changed at the actual event as this is 
        rumored to be the time the January autographs 
        were actually signed.  In fact, only Luann Lee 
        and Suzi Simpson actually signed autographs for 
        January (see the January page for the others). 

January Presskit
        This extremely rare grouping consists of a white
        cardboard folder with the legend "The Private
        Collection (gold ink) presents PLAYBOY Centerfold
        Collectors Cards (black ink).  Inside the folder 
        contains a press release letter on Private 
        Collections letterhead, the 8 x 11.5" glossy 
        January sell sheet, a Autograph Session promo 
        sheet signed by each of the Playmates Luann
        Lee, Suzi Simpson, Renee Tennison, Jacqueline 
        Sheen, Tawni Cable, and Tanya Beyer,and a 
        Dealers Promo Card Folder set.   

January Dealer Sticker set
        A large and small sticker distributed in a 
        cellophane wrapper in promotional material 
        and at the bottom of certain boxes of 
        January foil packs. The set was designed 
        to be placed on store doors or windows, 
        advertising the foil packs. They are 
        fairly common.

January Edition White Binder
        This binder should not be confused with the
        brown binder released by Sports Time.  This
        4" binder is white, was released by Private 
        Collections as a special item, and has black
        printing on the spine, with the Playboy logo 
        on the front and with the legend "Playboy 
        Centerfold Collectors Cards".  The binder
        was designed to hold three full sets: January,
        February, and March. The binder was supplied
        with dividers for each month, plastic pages,
        and a large January Edition Master Checklist
        card, and a brochure--the Playboy Centerfold
        Cards Collectors Manual.  Complete binder sets
        are extremely rare.   In late summer 2002, 
        white binders without the collectors inserts
        began showing up on eBay, the binder by itself
        can no longer be considered rare. 

Dealer Promotional Pack
        A mailer promotional set for dealers.  This 
        is an 8-1/2 by 11 sell sheet and a set of 
        January promo cards, along with a dealer 
        pricing sheet.  The sheet was sent or 
        distributed folded once, in a white envelope
        with other material for the Marilyn Monroe 
        card set. This pack is fairly rare since 
        many were distributed but few were saved as
Display poster January Case Topper
        An 11 x 17 poster advertising the January
        Playboy Collectors card set, this item was 
        placed in cases of certain coallations
        of January Centerfold Cards. 

January Gift Box
        Distributed only through Playboy Catalog,
        this item consists of a large white box 
        with black ink legend and "Playboy Collectors
        Card" Logo.  The box contained 10 foil 
        packs of January Collectors Cards, and a 
        smaller white box with 4 special edition 
        January cards--#81, #84, #99, #102 inside.
        The small box had a blue-green ink legend and
        can sometimes be found holding a January card
        set.  A complete set could not be made from
        the foil packs originally supplied with the
        box. The smaller box also has the Playboy 
        Collectors Cards rabbit head logo on it (in 
        black ink).  Originally the gift boxes were
        issued sealed with a cellophane wrapper. 
        Fragments of the gift box sets are sometimes
        seen.  Gift box sets were extremely rare,
        recently many have been released through 
        Playboy Catalog outlet as old stock.  No 
        information on the number of gift box sets
        created is available.

January Sampler Set
        A snap top box containing 100 January cards 
        and one autograph card, usually an Echo 
        Johnson 120 autographed on the border.  The
        rarest part of the set is actually the paper
        insert with the title and set contents listing.  

Chromium 4 and 5 Promo cards
        These two cards were printed by Sports Time 
        for the proposed Chromium 4 and Chromium 5 
        editions, which were never released.  The 
        cards have become available when Sports Time 
        abandoned the card license, and disposed of 
        all their card stock.  Even so, the cards are
        fairly rare.  Paradigm had no interest in 
        issuing Chromium Cards, but future licensees
        may decide to continue the series.  
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