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September EditionReleased June, 1997By: Sports Time, Inc.
Production: 1200 cases, 4900 binder sets Promo poster: Donna D'Errico
120 Regular Cards#1-#120Sept. 1954 to Sept. 1993
6 October Preview Cards#1PR-#6PR
3 Checklists#1CK-#3CK
Gold Foil Inserts
         Kathy Shower    PMOY #1PY-#6PY
         Barbi Benton         #1BB-#3BB
         Donna D'Errico       #1DE-#3DE 
         Shannon Tweed        #1ST-#3ST

      Insertion ratio: PMOY cards averaged 1
      in 18 packs, celebrity cards were roughly
      1 in 9 packs.

September Autographed Cards
         Kathy Shower    PMOY #1PY (2750)
         Barbi Benton         #1BB (2750)
         Donna D'Errico       #2DD (2750)
         Shannon Tweed        #2ST (2750)
         Rosanne Katon        #75  9/78 (2750)
         Lisa Welch           #81  9/80 (2750)
         Barbara Edwards      #90  9/83 (2750)
         Laura Richmond      #105  9/88 (2750)
         Morwena Corwin      #117  9/92 (2750)
         Carrie Wescott      #120  9/93 (2750) (Thanks, Phil)

      Insertion ratio:  One autograph to a box,
      one autograph in every box.  Odds for each
      card, 1 to 360 packs.       

September Jumbo Cards 3.5" x 5"
     Kathy Shower #4PY  Embossed Case Topper (2750) auto
     Barbi Benton #1BB  Chromium 3 Binder Card [500]
     Barbi Benton #2BB  Collectors Club (1000) auto
     Barbi Benton #3BB  Septebmer Box Topper (1500)
     Donna D'Errico #1DD Collectors Club (1000) auto
     Donna D'Errico #2DD September Binder Card (1300)
     Donna D'Errico #3DD Chromium 3 Box Topper [500]
Binder cards
         Cover of the Month     #88
         Photo of the Month     #119    

Notes: Case production dropped under 1500 for the first time with this edition. There were 3500 binder sets made for Playboy. In addition Sports Time released 1300 binder sets and 100 Premium sets. September marks the explosion of monthly Jumbo cards and release of cards with other editions. Cover of the month and Photo of the Month cards were found only in Sports Time binders. There was an unreleased Carrie Wescott redemption card, printed in the event that her autograph was not available in time for release with foil packs. The autographs were received in time, the redemption cards were never released. Approximately 125 redemption cards are known to exist. Also, for the first time with this edition, not all Jumbo cards released were signed.