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Best of Pam AndersonReleased 1996By: Sports Time, Inc.
Production: 1200 cases, [4000 binder sets]Promo card & sheet: Pamela Andserson
100 Regular Cards#1-#100(Images from various Pam photo shoots)
5 Checklists (Scarce)#1CL-#5CL
Gold Foil Chase Cards
      10 Pam at the Beach   #1 to #10 (1 in 9 packs)
       5 Fun in the Sun     #1 to #5  (1 in 18 packs)

Redemption and Autographed Cards [1 in 720 packs]
       One redemption card was issued which was 
       redeemed for a February Centerfold Edition
       card #111 signed by Pamela Anderson, this
       card had a special gold ink legend "Playboy's
       Best of Pam Authentic Signature".  There was 
       also a special offer through Playboy Catalog
       for a signed card when a binder set was 
       purchased in 1997. The signed card was taken
       from the Best of Pam set.

Best of Pam Jumbo cards
      J1 3.5" x 5" Best of Pam Binder set Card [4000]
      (Also in Playboy Catalog binders)
      J2 " " Chromium 2 binder Card [1000]
      J3 " " Best of Pam Case Topper [1000]

     Notes: Two promo sheets were issued,
        but no promo poster, each sheet is folded and
        8 1/2" by 11" full size, one is printed
        on one side, the other on both sides.  About
        4000 binders were issued total, estimated 3000 
        to Playboy Catalog and [1000] to Sports Time
        dealers. Checklist cards from this set are 
        unusually scarce and often sell at a premium.
        Metallic cards and 24 K Gold signature
        cards were issued with an image from this set,
        see special items. Pam 24 K gold facsimilie
        signatures were also sold through Playboy 
        Catalog. Over time, other cards were taken from
        this set and autographed, then offered for sale
        through the Sports Time Collectors Club. 3 Pam
        at the Beach signed cards (numbers 1, 5, and 9)
        were offered as a Collectors Club set and to 
        dealers; 50 sets total were done.  Those cards
        were issued numbered, slabbed, and sealed.