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December EditionReleased December, 1999Paradigm, Inc.
Production 750 cases, 1100 binder sets Promo poster: Kimberly Conrad (Hefner)
123 Regular Cards#1-#123Dec. 1954 to Dec 1993
No Preview Cards were issued with the December Edition
3 Checklists#1CK-#3CK
Gold Foil Inserts
        Lillian Mueller   PMOY #1PY-#6PY
     Kimberly Conrad (Hefner)  #1KC-#KC
        Mamie Van Doren        #1MD-3MD 
        Cindy Guyer            #1CG-#3CG

        Insertion ratio: PMOY cards averaged 1
      in 18 packs, celebrity cards were roughly
      1 in 9 packs.

December Autograph Cards
        Lillian Mueller  PMOY 1PY  (1300)
    Kimberly Conrad Hefner    #3KC (1300)
        Mamie Van Doren       #3MD (1300)
        Cindy Guyer           #3CG (1300)
        Janet Pilgrim   12/55 #6   (1300)
        Donna Michelle  12/63 #30  (1300) 
        Jo Collins      12/66 #33  (1300)
        Cynthia Myers   12/68 #45  (1300)  
        Nancy Li Brandi 12/75 #75  (1300)
        Janet Quist     12/78 #92  (1300)
Later Release        
        Barbara Moore   12/92 #117 [1300]
        (Thanks to Brian Chan)
     Insertion ratio: One autograph in a box,
       one autograph in each box.  Odds of 
       receiving any one card: 1 to 360 packs.

Bonus Gold Card    
One Marilyn Monroe card #1MM, a random insert in 
boxes (initial estimates were one card in two 
boxes, actual insertion ratio looks more like one in 
three boxes) This is the only card which can be 
related to the first Playboy edition of December, 1953
which can be found in the December Collectors Cards.  
This card was also included in all binder sets and 
premium sets. 

      Insertion Ratio: About 1 in 108 packs or
         one to a binder set

December Jumbo Cards 3.5" x 5"
     Lillian Mueller #3PY Case Topper (1300) auto
     Cyndi Guyer     #3CG Box Topper (1300) auto
     Petra Verkaik   #107 Binder set card (1800) **
     Kimberly Conrad #1KC Collectors Club (1000) auto
     Mamie Van Doren #2MD Collectors Club (1000) auto
     Barbara Moore   #116 Collectors Club (1000) auto

**  December binders supplied by Playboy Catalog have
    been found with Cyndi Guyer box topper cards 
    replacing the Petra Verkiak card, they are genuine. 
    Lillian Mueller cards have been reported but not
December Binder set cards
       Cover of the Month   #67
       Photo of the Month   #71

Notes: After a long and vexing delay caused by the release of the Playboy EXPO set and the reorganization of Paradigm, the December edition was released the second week in December, 1999. Prices for the December edition increased at the dealer level by 10 to 15%. The edition size was cut from 1000 cases to 750 cases and from 1800 factory sets to [1300] factory sets. This is the final release by Paradigm before Playboy transferred the license to Stellar in April 2000. Several collectors have questioned the absence of cards for the first edition of Playboy magazine in this release. Aside from the 1MM card there are no cover or centerfold cards related to the December 1953 Volume 1 Number 1 issue. The Paradigm representatives who assembled this edition are no longer with the company, so the rationale behind the absence of the December cards is not known. Since this edition has no preview cards the lack of V1 N1 cards is confusing, numbering such as 0, 00, and 000 on 12/53 cards could have preserved the existing numbering system. The first shipments of December factory binder sets have an error on the spine, instead of Playboy Collectors Cards, they have a SuperModels Collectors Cards logo in gold ink. Later shipments of December binders had this error corrected. Shade variations on December card numbers are common, the edition was produced in magenta, but light printing shows up as pink on some cards, at least 48 cards were affected. As of late 2001, the December edition was sold out at both the manufacturer and at some of the major distributors, watch for prices on this key set to begin to rise. The Barbara Moore autograph was originally scheduled for release in this edition, but she did not have the cards done on time, so Cyndi Guyer cards were substituted. Moore's cards were later released through distributors such as Blue Waves. The edition size on the Moore card should be 1300 but there are likely not that many actually released.

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