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January Edition

Released 1993

By: The Private Collection, LTD

Production: Unknown

Promo: 11 x 17 one sided sales poster on light cardboard plus other display and sales items.

120 Regular Cards


Jan 1954 to Jan 1993

6 February Preview Cards



3 Checklists



Gold Foil Inserts
     Anna Nicole Smith PMOY   #1PY-#6PY*
     The Barbi Twins          #1BT-#3BT*
     Dian Parkinson           #1DP-#3DP*

Black Inserts
     The Barbi Twins          #1BT-#3BT*
     Dian Parkinson           #1DP-#3DP*

*The insertion ratios for gold and black chase cards varied so much that offering a figure as to how often you would find them in a box is useless. Some boxes had none, others had anything from 1 to 10. January Autograph Cards

    Barbi Twins Gold #1BT, #2BT, #3BT Dian Parkinson #1DP, #2DP, #3DP Daina House #68 Jan 1976 Luann Lee #101 Jan 1987 Peggy McIntaggart #110 Jan 1990 Suzi Simpson #116 Jan 1992 Echo Johnson #119 Jan 1993 As with chase cards, autograph insertion ratios for January are speculative. It is very unusual to find an autograph in a January box. However, since there are no authenticity marks on pack autographs, a show autograph done by the above signers can easily pass for a pack pulled autograph. There is therefore little premium for a January autograph compared to autographs from other editions.
January Prototype Set

6 card set Distributed to Dealers
#6, #74, #102, #107,#113, #115 (PROTO in light blue ink on back)
January Gift Box "Special Limited Edition" Cards
(4 cards) Given to early buyers of January cards, and in the January gift box through Playboy Catalog. Other distribution methods may have been used.
Fronts have images seen only on these cards, Backs have gold ink legend: "Special Limited Edition" "January Collectors Card"
Numbered 1JB-4JB
#1 JB Leslie Bianchini
#2 JB Gig Gangel
#3 JB Candy Loving
#4 JB Suzi Simpson
January Binder Set Bonus Cards
(4 cards) Distributed in January Binder Sets (brown binders)
Same as common centerfold cards on fronts, backs same but with gold ink legends: "Limited Edition" "January Set, Bonus Card"
#81 Gig Gangel
#84 Karen Price
#99 Sherry Arnett
#102 Luann Lee

Notes: The January Edition was released in three different production runs. The coallation and the distribution of both the regular and chase cards varies widely from run to run. This accounts for the release of the Barbi Twins and Dian Parkinson cards in Gold and Black ink legends. In the Gold ink print run, two sets of Dian Parkinson cards were printed for every set of Barbi Twins. Anna Nicole Smith PMOY cards were only done in gold but there are two sets on the print sheet for every set of Barbi Twins cards. Certain high number cards were shortprinted-- #109, #112, #115, #118. There was no numbering on autographed cards and no production figures have been released. Barbi Twins and Dian Parkinson autographs may have been done after the first coallation was issued. The six January Prototype cards are the same as the cards in the regular edition but with Prototype stamped on the back in light ink. No oversized cards were released. Two different types of binders exist, a white binder done for Private Collections (the card manufacturer) and a brown slipcase binder manufactured for Playboy Catalog. See the card descriptions above and on the Promotional Material page for more information on binder cards. 255 (85 of each) signed Barbi Twins cards were inserted in Chromium 3 Boxes. These cards are stamped authentic and numbered. Another set (both Gold and Black) was offered to the Collectors Club, these cards were stamped, slabbed, numbered and sealed.

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