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Morganna Playboy Baseball CardsReleased for June, 1983 PlayboyBy: Playboy
Production: UnknownThis is a promotional set
5 cardsNo NumbersSubject: Morganna, Baseballs Kissing Bandit
Set Contents:
  • One red wax paper wrapper (see scan above) labelled Morganna's Baseball Tips/5 picture cards/A Tasty Preview of June Playboy
  • Card: Bare-Handing the Ball
  • Card: Laying one Down
  • Card: Protecting the Plate
  • Card: Going for Extra Bases
  • Card: Kiss It Goodbye

    Notes: This promotional card set was issued by Playboy in conjunction with the June, 1983 appearance of Morganna, The Kissing Bandit, in Playboy Magazine. The cards are not numbered, there is no nudity, each card has a picture of Morganna in a white Playboy sweatshirt with red lettering, and red shorts. On the back, there are blue ink descriptions of Morganna's exploits with the following legends: Morganna's Kiss List Morganna's Friends and Foes Morganna's Favorite Positions The Morganna Jinx All Star Line-Up for June Playboy These cards can often be found with Morganna's autograph, since she distributed many single cards through her fan club. They are much more rare as full sets including the wrapper. In the opinion of this writer, this set is the one of the first true Adult Card sets ever issued. I say this because this set received national distribution, was adult in content, and was a standard size card set. As such, it is a key item for any adult card collector. The first true adult card set remains a matter for debate, assuming you could find someone who cares to debate the issue with you. (grin)

    In 2004 I found a set of OUI cards, issued in 1976 as a promotional item to Playboy distributors. Playboy owned OUI when the cards were issued and the format is very similar to what was used for the Morganna cards about ten years later. The main difference in the sets is the intended distribution, OUI cards went to dealers, Morganna cards were sent to the public.