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October EditionReleased June, 1998By: Paradigm, Inc.
Production: 1000 cases, 2300 binder sets Promo poster: Joey Heatherton
120 Regular Cards#1-#120Oct. 1954 to Oct. 1993
6 November Preview Cards#1PR-#6PR
3 Checklists#1CK-#3CK
Gold Foil Inserts
     Victoria Silvsedt PMOY   #1PY-#6PY
      Joey Heatherton         #1JH-#3JH 
              Ellen K.        #1EK-#3EK
          Rhonda Shear        #1RS-#3RS

         Insertion ratio: PMOY cards averaged 1
      in 18 packs, celebrity cards were roughly
      1 in 9 packs.
October Autograph Cards
     Victoria Silvstedt   PMOY #1PY (1500)
                Ellen K.       #1EK (1500)
           Rhonda Shear        #3RS (1500) 
        Elaine Reynolds  10/59 #18  (1500)
          Allison Parks  10/65 #36  (1500)
        Sharon Johansen  10/72 #57  (1500)
      Marianne Gravatte  10/82 #87  (1500)
          Tracy Vaccaro  10/83 #90  (1500)
          Brandi Brandt  10/87 #102 (1500)
           Karen Foster  10/89 #108 (1500)

        Insertion ratio:  One autograph to a 
        box, one autograph in each box.  Odds
        of receiving any one card: 1 in 360 

  Victoria Silvsedt  #5PY Embossed Case Topper (1500) auto
     Jenny McCarthy  #119    " " " Box Topper (1000) 
      Brandi Brandt  #101    " " " Binder set card (1300)
        Rhonda Shear #1RS  " " " Collectors Club (1000) auto
   Marianne Gravatte #86   " " " Collectors Club (1000) auto
             Ellen K #2EK  " " " Collectors Club (1000) auto

October binder set cards
         Cover of the Month  #61
         Photo of the Month  #77

Notes:There were 1000 binder sets made for Playboy. In addition Paradigm released 1200 binder sets and 100 Premium sets. There were 10 months between the release of the September set by Sports Time and the release of the October set by Paradigm, in February/ March of 1998 Sports Time lost the license from Playboy; for several reasons, in part due to the delay in release of the October set, the poor sales of the Chromium cards, a change in direction of Sports Time management, and over-production of the previous editions. Not all Jumbo cards were auto- graphed.