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The Star Pics Playboy Commemorative Card Art SetReleased 1992By: Star Pics, Inc.
Production: UnknownOne promo strip: 4 1/2" x 8 3/4"
The Star Pics Factory Set
Each set consisted of:
  • One Checklist card (card #1)
  • Playboy icons--Hugh Hefner, Bunny logo, Femlin, Mansion East, Bunny (Marilyn Cole), Mansion West (card #2 - card #7)
  • Centerfolds--(card #8 - card #32) these cards, along with the Hefner card #2 were used for autographs. (No nudity)
  • Interviews--(card #32 - card #40)
  • Covers--(card #41 - card #60)
  • Cartoons--(card #61 - card #70)
  • Trivia--(card #71 -card #72) Five questions on the card front, answers on the backs.
Autographed cards Insertion ratio: Unknown
Subject and Card Number
Hugh Hefner #2Janet Pilgrim #6
Jo Collins #10Cyndi Wood #13
Monique St. Pierre #15Candy Loving #16
Cathy St George #19Penny Baker #21
Devin De Vasquez #24Julie McCullough #25
Brandi Brandt #26India Allen #27
Kimberly Hefner #28Miriam Breschooten #30
Marjam Breschooten #30Renee Tenison #31

Notes: Sometimes called the Playboy Commemorative Set, the Star Pics sets were released first as 72 card factory sets and later as card packs. The factory sets have at least two different kinds of boxes, one with a flap which covers a Hugh Hefner picture on the back, the other without the flap. Boxes with the flap look black on one side and white on the other. Each factory set was sealed with a black paper Star Pics seal. Autographs were inserted randomly into both factory sets and packs. A Star Pics autograph was done in Blue Sharpie marker and is authenticated by a gold sticker placed next to the autograph. All but the Hefner and Conrad-Hefner autographs were done on the back. Both Breschooten twins signed cards separately. A full set of Star Pics autographs contains 16 cards. No information on the number of autographs done or the odds of finding an autograph is available, although it is known that the total number of autographs done is at least 4000. Sports Time purchased a large number of individual Star Pics autographs at GlamourCon 6 and later offered them to the Collectors Club.

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