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table below gives a brief list of when sets
were released.

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Early Sets------- BEFORE 1/1/2000 Sets  between 1/1/2000 and 1/1/2010 Later Sets---AFTER 1/1/2010:

JANUARY TO DECEMBER-Monthly Editions Lingerie 2000 Lingerie Chest

Morganna, Star Pics Centerfolds of the Century Playboys Playmates

Best of Pam, Best of Jenny Wet & Wild Sexy Girls 1

Supermodels Lingerie Update or Expansion Sets Too Hot To Handle

Promotional Items College Girls Lingerie Hot Lace

Playmates of the Year College Girls 2

Lingerie 100th Editon Sexy Girls 2

Playmate Review Sexy Lingerie

50th Anniversary Girls of Summer

Lingerie Club Update 2 1997-1999

Signature Series Update 3 2000-2002

Playmates in Bed Update 4 2003-2005

Lingerie Club Update 5 2006-2009

Natural Beauties

Wet and Wild II