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 Playboy Collectors Cards
Update 4 2003-2005 Released January 21, 2015 By: Stellar Collectibles
Production: 125 cases, 12 boxes to a case, 96 cards to a box, no foil packs 25 Factory Binder sets by Blue Waves, 25 Premium factory binder sets by Stellar
Promo sell sheet: JPG file emailed to dealers
Common set--75 cards including 1 preview and 2 checklists
#1 to #72, two cards per PMOM starting Jan 2003 ending Dec 2005 The last Update set 2000-2002 was released in July 2014
One Promo card in Update 3
Update 5 Preview  2006 to 2008 is card #73
Checklist numbers: 74 and 75

6 Editors Choice Inserts
1 EC Laurie Fetter
2 EC Laurie Fetter
3 EC Hiromi Oshima
4 EC Hiromi Oshima
5 EC Kara Monaco
6 EC Kara Monaco
Insertion Ratio: 3 to 4 to a box

9 Gold Foil Inserts--Playmates of the Year
 1 PY Christina Santiago
 2 PY Christina Santiago
 3 PY Christina Santiago
4 PY Carmella DeCesare
5 PY Carmella DeCesare
6 PY Carmella DeCesare
7 PY Tiffany Fallon
8 PY Tiffany Fallon
9 PY Tiffany Fallon
Insertion Ratio: 5 to 6 to a box

Autograph  Cards

Five autograph cards, not numbered, listed alphabetically  Insertion ratio 1 or less to a box

    Laurie Fetter
    Racquel Gibson
    Kara Monaco
    Scarlette Keegan
    Colleen Marie

Memorabilia  Cards

Nineteen swatch or memorabilia chase cards, not numbered, listed alphabetically  Insertion ratio 1-2 to a box

    Charis Boyle
    Amber Campisi
    Carmella DeCesare
    Tiffany Fallon
    Stephanie Glasson
    Tailor James
    Markeeta Janeska
    Scarlett Keegan
    Pilar Lastra
    Audra Lynn
    Colleen Marie
    Hiromi Oshima
    Rebecca Ramos
    Colleen Shannon
    Christine Smith
    Luci Victoria
    Jamie Westenhiser
    Tamara Witmer
    Aliya Wolfe

Scented Memorabila Cards
      Six scented swatch or memorabilia chase cards, supplied shrink wrapped.  Not numbered, listed alphbetically.      Insertion ratio 1-2 to a box
        Quiana Chase
        Laurie Fetter
        Racquel Gibson
        Scarlette Kegan
        Kara Monaco
        Colleen Marie

3 "Spotlight Birthstone Cards
          Cards are not numbered--listed alphabetically here.
          Same format as other recent autograph cards.  Three featured or "Spotlight"
Playmates in this release  Listed Alphabetically
                 Laurie Fetter
       Racquel Gibson
                 Kara Monaco
            Insertion ratio  Approx 1 in 3 boxes
3 Kiss Cards

Cards are not numbered--listed alphbetically here
           Relatively new to Playboy cards, Kiss cards are fairly common in other sets such as Benchwarmers
                 Laurie Fetter
                 Racquel Gibson
                 Kara Monaco
                      Insertion Ratio   Approx  1 in 3 boxes

3 Hair Locket  Cards

Cards are not numbered--listed alphabetically here.
            Similar to DNA cards in previous releases.  From the featured or "Spotlight"
Playmates for this release
              Laurie Fetter
              Raquel Gibson
              Kara Monaco
                       Insertion Ratio   Approx  1 in 3 boxes
            Following a slight delay to avoid the Christmas holiday in 2014, Update 4 was released in January 2015.  Following the same formates as Update 2 and 3 (thank heaven they have not decided to change the base set format), this is the first release with birthstone cards.  The birthstone card is in the same format as the Memorbilia and Hair Locket or DNA card, with the Playmate's birthstone replacing the hair swatch.  Probably a bit more difficult to clone your own Playmate from a birthstone than it is from the kiss, hair, or memorabilia card, that market will determine whether this is more than just a curiosity.  Other than this addition, the release has formats and similar chase card groups to Update 2, and Update 3.  That is, two base cards per Playmate, pictorial and centerfold, one promo card for the next Update set, and two checklists.   Card quality and coallation within boxes is excellent, once again thirteen sets to a case of twelve boxes.   Chase card insertion varies, some boxes are better than others, but this is expected.   Fewer autograph cards with this release, as popular as they may be, getting the autographed cards back from Playmates was historically the cause of late releases, fewer autographs is probably keeping release dates much more on track. 
          Lower insertion ratio (that is rarer) chase cards have the usual purple foil, gold foil, and silver (or platinum if you will) variations for those who think it matters.  There is a stickered case topper,  which was a "platinum" memorabila card.  This likely varies from case to case.
          Scented memorabilia cards are supplied in plastic shrink wrap, probably best not to remove it unless you want to drop the cards value substantially.   Chase cards are not numbered so no idea of the number of chase cards made, but the insertion ratio should give some idea.