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 Playboy Collectors Cards

College Girls Released: September 16, 2002 By: Stellar Collectibles
Production: 400 cases, 10 cards to a pack, 24 packs to a box, 10 boxes to a case400 Factory Binder sets, 125 Premium factory binder setsPromo poster: One 8 1/2" x 11" sheet
Common set--95 cards plus 2 checklists and three previewsFeatured models from the Playboy College Girls newsstand edition
Promo cards--Three --released with the "94 to '96 Update setChecklist numbers 99 and 100

10 Goil Foil Inserts--Cover Cards
1 of 10 Michele Meyer, Sarah Oja, Heather Wynters
2 of 10 Vanessa Taylor
3 of 10 Cindy Roubal
4 of 10 April Morgan
5 of 10 Sheila Bell
6 of 10 Harmony Guffey
7 of 10 Tina Crowder
8 0f 10 Kitana Baker
9 of 10 Christi Shake
1 of 10 Katherine Hadorn
Insertion Ratio: 1 in 4 packs

10 Gold Foil Inserts--All Student Body
1 of 10 Katherine Hadorn
2 of 10 Daniela Gil
3 of 10 Kitana Baker
4 fo 10 Marta Kuzmicka
5 of 10 Madison Marie
6 of 10 Arlene Lopez
7 of 10 Terri Lynn
8 of 10 Heidi Hawking
9 of 10 Lielani Duenas
10 of 10 Harmony Guffey
Insertion Ratio: 1 in 4 packs

10 Autographed Cards

Cards are not numbered--listed alphbetically here
Katie Cleary
Tiffany Dillow
Daniela Gil
Katherine Hadorn
Heidi Hawking
Arlene Lopez
Terri Lynn
Jackie Marie
Madison Marie
Sarah Zane
Leilani Duenas (unreleased card--December 2002) 1 in 24 packs

Autographed Jumbo Cards
One Autographed Box Topper---Harmony Guffy (1 in 10 boxes)
One Autographed Binder card---Kitana Baker
One Autographed Case Topper---Jennifer Cantrell
One Unreleased Card---Leslie Elizabeth (coming in late 2002)

Notes: Basic information was taken from promo cards in the '94 -'96 Update set, the promo sheet for the set, and then was finally updated after the set release in mid- September 2002. Described as the Playboy "rookie set", this edition features models from College Girls newsstand editions. It is expected that several of the models in this edition will eventually be Playmates. One, Christi Shake, has already been a Playmate in 2002. Photography and art layouts are outstanding.