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Lingerie 2000

Centerfolds of the Century

Wet and Wild

94-'96 Update Set

College Girls 1

Playmates of the Year

Playmate Review 2002

Lingerie 100th Edition

Playmates Signature Series

50th Anniversary

Lingerie Club

Playmates In Bed

Natural Beauties

Wet and Wild II



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 Playboy Collectors Cards

50th Anniversary Set Scheduled for release: 2004. Didn't quite make that did we? Actual release was the week of April 18th, 2005 By: Stellar Collectibles
Production: 400 cases, 400 Factory binder sets, 125 Premium binder sets Promo Cards: Two -- released with Playmate ReviewPromo sheet: 8 1/2" x 11" one side
100 Regular Cards consisting of:50 -- Playmates of last 50 years, 42 -- covers, cartoons or celebrities2 checklists, 6 promo cards for Lingerie's 100th issue

Gold Foil Cards

10 Mansion Interior cards KM1 - KM10Insertion ratio (1 in 4 packs) Featuring drawing for mansion visit

10 50th Anniversary Playmate cards (Colleen Shannon) PM1 - PM10Insertion ratio (1 in 4 packs, 4 to a box)

4 Memorabilia Cards
Insertion Ratio: 1 in 24 packs (1 to a box)

Two--Colleen Shannen CSM 1 and CSM2
Two--Hugh Hefner pajama cards HHP1 and HHP2

10 Photographers Choice die cut cards (Gary Cole) (1 in 8 packs, 3 to a box)

PC 1 Marilyn Monroe PC 2 Candy Loving PC 3 Donna Michelle PC 4 Kylie Bax PC 5 Shannon Tweed PC 6 Pam Anderson PC 7 Heidi Becker PC 8 Underwear Overview PC 9 Bettie Page PC 10 Angie Everhart

20 Standard Size Autographed Cards

2 in 24 packs
Listed Alphabetically
Lynne Austin
Nancy Cameron
Jean Cannon
Diane Chandler
Candace Collins
Carmella DeCesare
Becky DeLoSantos
Michelle Drake
Lourdes Estores
Victoria Fuller
Joey Gibson
Barbara Hillary
Audra Lynn
Patti McClain
Shana Moakler
Sharon Rogers
Leisa Sheridan
Pamela Sanders
Jeana Thomasino
Ginger Young

5 Standard Size Box, Binder, or Case Topper Autographed Cards

1 in 24 packs or 1 to a binder set
These were supplied in stickered toploaders
Cindy Fuller (Box Topper)
Collen Marie (Box Topper)
Elaine Morton (Case Topper)
Irina Voronina (Case Topper)
Shannon Tweed (Binder set) (in toploader without stickers)

Notes: For the first time since the April edition in 1995, there are no jumbo cards in this set. Instead, this release contains die cut cards which have not been done in Playboy sets before but are common in other sports and non-sports releases.

Although pricing to dealers increased on this set, that does not appear to have influenced internet auction site pricing. The 25 autographed cards may help dealers offset the increase, lets see if there are 20+ autographs in all releases at the higher case price.

Cartoons are repeated several times on the backs of cover cards, rather odd since there certainly are a wealth of cartoons in Playboy that could have been included. Coallation was excellent across the case I broke--19 sets, 3 sets of each unsigned chase cards, one complete set of autographs and 10 memorabilia cards. 1998 centerfold cards are not included in this release.

Binder sets were released about two weeks after the foil packs. A binder set contained the Key to the Mansion cards, the Colleen Shannon 50th Anniversary cards, the die cut Photographers Choice cards, and an autograph card (Shannon Tweed). The only cards not included were other autographed cards and memorabilia cards.