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Lingerie 2000

Centerfolds of the Century

Wet and Wild

94-'96 Update Set

College Girls 1

Playmates of the Year

Playmate Review 2002

Lingerie 100th Edition

Playmates Signature Series

50th Anniversary

Lingerie Club

Playmates In Bed

Natural Beauties

Wet and Wild II



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Wet and Wild 1

Released: September 15, 2001

By: Stellar Collectibles

Production: 400 10 box cases, 700 factory sets, 125 premium factory sets Promo poster: Yes, 11" x 17"--Morwena Corwin
95 common cards, 3 preview cards for the Expansion set, 2 checklists.

#1 to 95 base set, 96, 97 & 98 for the '94-'96 update or expansion set, checklists 99 and 100.

This release features models from Playboy Wet and Wild newsstand editions
5 promo cards (issued with Centerfolds of the Century) listed at right Promo 1 (Lisa Rodriguez) and Promo 2 (Katalina Verdin) as case toppers for Centerfolds of the Century Promo 1 (Kalin Olsen), Promo 2 (Tara King), and Promo 3 (Layla Roberts) as foil pack inserts.
20 Goil Foil Inserts
10 Wet and Wild Girlfriends Chase Cards
1 of 10 Rebecca Switzer and Misty Sacapano (see note)
2 of 10 Emma Caesare and Claire Leng
3 of 10 Heather Christensen and Hailey Meyers
4 of 10 Marie-Claude Dubuc and Heather Spytek
5 of 10 Tina Fritch and Tricia Wilds
6 of 10 Jenny Lilley and Cheryl Stell
7 of 10 Kelly Monaco, Victoria Fuller, and Kalin Olson
8 0f 10 Kelly Monaco, Victoria Fuller, and Kalin Olson (two cards)
9 of 10 Kimberly Munn and Tina Fritch
1 of 10 Joy Berman and Genevieve Michelle (See note)
The 1 of 10 cards are misnumbered (one should be 10 of 10) Insertion Ratio: 1 in 4 packs
10 Unpublished Chase cards
1 of 10 Alley Baggett
2 of 10 Joy Behrman and Genevieve Michelle
3 of 10 Heather Christensen and Hailey Meyers
4 fo 10 Sydney Moon and Jennifer Rovero
5 of 10 Tishara Cousino
6 of 10 Vanessa Gleason
7 of 10 Miriam Gonzalez
8 of 10 Sydney Moon
9 of 10 Petra Verkaik
10 of 10 Natasha Yi
Insertion Ratio: 1 in 4 packs
10 Autographed cards
Autograph cards are not numbered, except in Premium sets
Autographed cards have different artwork from set cards
Jesseca Lee Robin Arcuri
Kristi Cline Alley Baggett
Patricia Ford Petra Verkaik
Danielle Folta Elisa Bridges
Tishara Cousino Sung Hi Lee Insertion Ratio: 1 in 24 packs (one to a box)
Autographed Jumbo Cards
Miriam Gonzalez -- Binder Set card
Sydney Moon -- Case Card
Echo Johnson -- Box Card
Blue Waves exclusive extra cards
These cards were released in December 2001
Natassia Yi (autographed--standard size)
Vanessa Gleason (unautographed--standard size)
Rosaleena Blair (unautographed--jumbo card)
Notes: Information on the Stellar promotional poster for the Wet and Wild set turned out have some changes after the set release, so check this page closely, many of the autographs have changed. The information now listed comes from a premium binder set. There are two sets of chase cards--Wet and Wild Girlfriends and Unpublished, 10 cards to each. (There are two 1 of 10 cards for Wet and Wild Girlfriends and no 10 of 10.) Binder set and case topper jumbo cards were distributed in Premium binders along with an unopened pack.

In December 2001, Blue Waves Trading received the extra cards held in reserve for the Wet and Wild edition--two standard size cards and one jumbo card. (See Above for details) Extra cards are created as reserves in case a model fails to complete her autograph cards in time for the set release, starting with Centerfolds of the Century they were placed on the market a few months after the edition was released.