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Playmate Review Released: Binders--August 4, 2004, Boxes--August 12, 2004 By: Stellar Collectibles
Production: 400 cases, 10 cards to a pack, 24 packs to a box, 10 boxes to a case400 Factory Binder sets, 125 Premium factory binder setsPromo poster: One 8 1/2" x 11" sheet
Common set--96 cards plus 2 checklists and two previews Featuring Playmates from 2002 (cards 1-59) and Playmates from 1997-- Update Section (cards 60- 96)
Promo cards--Two--released with the "Lingerie Club" editionChecklist numbers 99 and 100

8 Unpublished Goil Foil Inserts--Christina Santiago 2003 PMOY
Insertion Ratio: 1 in 6 packs

5 Memorabilia Cards--Christina Santiago 2003 PMOY
Insertion Ratio: 1 in 24 packs (1 to a box)

12 Oversize fold out cards--3 1/2" x 7 1/2"
1 of 12 Rebecca Ramos
2 of 12 Charis Boyle
3 of 12 Penelope Jimenez
4 fo 12 Carmella DeCesare
5 of 12 Laurie Fetter
6 of 12 Tailor James
7 of 12 Marketa Janska
8 of 12 Collen Marie
9 of 12 Luci Victoria
10 of 12 Audra Lynn
11 of 12 Divini Rae
12 of 12 Deisy & Sarah Teles Insertion Ratio: 1 in 4 packs (3 to a box)

12 Standard Size Autographed Cards

Cards are not numbered--listed alphbetically here
Lauren Anderson
Heather Carolin
Daphne Duplaix (Case Topper)
Tina Jordan
Karen McDougal
Shallan Meyers
Jennifer Miriam (Box Topper)
Michele Rogers
Anka Romensky
Christina Santiago
Christi Shake
Serria Tawan 1 in 24 packs

Autographed Jumbo Cards
One Autographed Box Topper---Heather Carolin (1 in 10 boxes)
One Autographed Binder card---Kalin Olson
One Autographed Case Topper---Nicole Narain
One Unreleased Cards are unlikely

Notes: One of an ambitious release schedule for Stellar in 2004, this set combines Playmate Review and 1997 Update cards. While some may not want to buy Playmate Review cards to get the 1997 Updates, the Review cards are well done, and would have been able to stand alone as a card. set. Fold out cards are a new item with this set, they are attractive as centerfold reproductions as they follow the same format, eliminating the need to crop the centerfold as is done in other cards. The downside to them is that they are hard to store as there are no card pages made for them. I took a full sheet page and made dividers using staples. That works OK if you are careful in stapling, we'll see how well it lasts.

Rumor has it that the #1 of 5 Memorabilia card is a short print, this appears likely but may be regional, the others appear to be about equal in coallation. Two of the autographs (Duplaix and Miriam) are supplied outside foil packs similar to how the Patti McClain Connors card was done for Playmates of the Year, that is, they are in stickered slipcases in the bottom of the box or top of the case of boxes. Overall the set is nice, with a little something for everyone, autographs, memorabilia cards, over size cards in two types and decent coallation.

Thanks again to Jim Dryden for his assistance in confirming some of the information on this page.