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Centerfolds of the Century

Wet and Wild

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College Girls 1

Playmates of the Year

Playmate Review 2002

Lingerie 100th Edition

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Lingerie Club

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Natural Beauties

Wet and Wild II


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Wet and Wild II

Released: September 29, 2007

By: Stellar Collectibles

Production: 400 10 box cases, 400 factory sets, 100 premium factory sets Promo sell sheet: Yes, 8.5 x 11
96 common cards, 2 preview cards for Vixens, 2 checklists.

#1 to 96 base set, 97 & 98 Promo cards for the Vixens set, checklists 99 and 100.

This release features models from Playboy Wet and Wild newsstand editions
2 promo cards (issued with Natural Beauties)
20 Goil Foil Inserts
10 Wet and Wild II Slippery when Wet
SW 1 Christine Smith
Sw 2 Christina Santiago
SW 3 Lani Todd
SW 4 Penelope Jimenez
SW 5 Vanessa Gleason
SW 6 Heather Christiansen
Sw 7 Lace Rose Allenius
SW 8 Denise Marie
SW 9 Amy Miller
SW 10 Katie Cleary Insertion Ratio: 1 in 4 packs
10 Wet and Wild II Sensual Shower
SS 1 Rachel Baker and Michelle Thorne
SS 2 Rachel Baker and Michelle Thorne
SS 3 Suzette Johnston, Holly Laar and Angie Phillips
SS 4 Suzette Johnston, Holly Laar and Angie Phillips
SS 5 Erin Connor and Jill Nelson
SS 6 Erin Connor and Jill Nelson
SS 7 Veronica Coronodo and Jennifer Cantrell
SS 8 Veronica Coronodo and Jennifer Cantrell
SS 9 Jackie Marie and Christie Shake
SS 10 Jackie Marie and Christie Shake
Insertion Ratio: 1 in 4 packs
11 Autographed cards
Certain Autograph cards are numbered, all Premium set cards are numbered in Gold
Autographed cards have different artwork from set cards
Joy Behrman (short print of 120)
Tishara Cousino
Stacy Fuson
Vanessa Gleason
Penelope Jimenez
Jackie Marie
Samantha Martinez
Maria Santos
Christine Smith
Lani Todd
Natassia Yi (short print of 200)
Insertion Ratio: 1 in 24 packs (one to a box)
Autographed Jumbo Cards
There are no Jumb cards in this release
Memorabilia/Swatch/Lingerie/Worn/Material cards
These cards were released in December 2001
Jennifer Burnham
Katie Cleary
Cassandra Lee
Nicole Lohe (short print of 120)
Zdenka Micha
Natalie Morris
Candace Michelle (short print of 100)
Gleicy Santos
Mindi Smith
Havanna Ulrich
Notes: I'm not sure why we needed Wet and Wild I and I'm even less sure why we need Wet and Wild II. Collectors are showing a tremendous amount of patience in waiting for Update sets, we are now 10 years behind releases for the cards that made Playboy trading cards popular. Literally every card buyer I speak with at shows asks when the next Update set is coming out. Personnally, I suppose as long as we keep buying this substitute %$&^, they will keep making it.

Off my soapbox. Collectors and dealers have asked to know what cards are short printed and how rare they will be. With this edition that information is printed on the card in red foil ink. Two autographs and two memorabilia cards have this notation and their value has reflected this in internet auctions. Edition size has shrunk to 400 factory sets and 100 premium factory sets, the premium sets contain all 11 autographs numbered in gold, and two memorabilia cards. Box topper and case topper cards can be any of the 10 Wet and Wild 2 autographs.