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 Playboy Collectors Cards
Centerfolds of the Century Release Date: February 15, 2001 By: Stellar Collectibles
Production: 500 cases, 1150 binder sets (1000 factory binders, 150 premium binders)Promo poster: 11" x 17" Pamela Anderson Lee
Common set--90 cards including 2 checklists#11-#100100 of the most popular Centerfolds, based on the article in the April, 2000 Playboy magazine
Promo cards--None for Centerfolds of the Century, 5 for Wet and Wild2 Checklists #99 and 100Wet and Wild promos--3+2 (5 total) Silver Foil stamped (three in boxes, two as dealer promos in cases)
20 Goil Foil Inserts
10 Top Ten Centerfolds of the Century
#1 Marilyn Monroe #2 Janet Pilgrim
#3 Jayne Mansfield #4 Pamela Anderson
#5 Bettie Page #6 Candy Loving
#7 Jenny McCarthy #8 Dorothy Stratten
#9 Donna Michelle #10 Cynthia Myers
Insertion Ratio: 1 in 4 packs
10 Celebrity Centerfolds of the Century
#1 Pam Anderson #2 Angel Boris
#3 Be Be Buell #4 Kimberly Conrad
#5 Donna D'Errico #6 Erica Eleniak
#7 Anna Nicole Smith #8 Jenny McCarthy
#9 Julie McCullough #10 Brande Roderick
Insertion Ratio: 1 in 4 packs
10 Autographed cards
Autograph cards are not numbered, except in Premium sets
Autographed cards usually have different artwork from set cards
De De Lind Debra Jo Fondren
Lisa Baker Penny Baker
Victoria Valentino Ellen Stratton
Julie Cialini Fawna McLaren
Allison Parks Janet Lupo
Insertion Ratio: 1 in 24 packs (one to a box)
Ola Ray (unautographed autograph) (see notes)
Shae Marks (autographed) (see notes)
Autographed Jumbo Cards
One Autographed Box Topper Brandi Brandt
One Autographed Binder card Corinne Harney
One Autographed Case Topper Rene Tenneson

Notes: Basic information was taken from Stellar Collectibles Promo poster for this edition. Final revisions were done when cards were received. Revised again when additional autographed cards were released in late April, 2001. Originally scheduled for release in November of 2000, actual release was delayed until February 2001. Premium binder set edition size was bumped up by 25 sets as they were sold out to dealers and Playboy Catalog before the set was released. There are a total of 5 Wet and Wild previews, three are found in boxes, two are case toppers for Centerfolds of the Century. Originally published plans for case topper one month trial memberships to the Playboy Cyber Club were dropped. Boxes are individually numbered with a hologram stamp and an embossed number. Coallation was good, two sets (or just under) to a box, one chase card shy of full chase card set from two boxes. Watch for the weird Connie Mason card (#55) in the set. Odd numbering starting at 11 for common set accomodates the top ten (1 through 10) chase card set. Two checklists work backwards from card 98 down to card 11, chase cards are listed on checklists separately. Premium binder sets are once again the only numbered autographs, artwork on autograph cards usually varies from that on regular set cards. Brandi Brandt jumbo Box toppers and the 2 dealer Wet and Wild promos were the only cards not included in Premium sets. Autographed cards have an authenticity statement. In late April, 2001 Stellar released an unsigned Ola Ray autograph and a signed Shae Marks autograph, these cards were printed for the original release but were not receieved back in time for inclusion as the cards were coallated and packed. They were later released to dealers. Phil Libraro says that Stellar sent a Julie Cialini jumbo card to dealers as a Christmas Card in 2001. The artwork on this signed jumbo card is not the same as the 75 card from Centerfolds of the Century. The number of these cards released is not known.

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