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 Playboy Collectors Cards

Playmates of the Year Released May 5, 2003 By: Stellar Collectibles
Production: 400 cases, 10 cards to a pack, 24 packs to a box, 10 boxes to a case500 Factory Binder sets, 125 Premium factory binder setsPromo poster: 8 1/2" x 11" Brande Roderick
Common set--96 cards plus 2 checklists and two Lingerie Club previews#1 to #86, Two cards per PMOY starting 1960, ending 2002, 10 Fan Favorites #'s 87- 96Playboy began naming Playmates of the Year in 1960
Promo cards--Three --released with College GirlsLingerie Club previews # 97 and 98 Checklist numbers: 99 and 100

8 Goil Foil Inserts--Cyber Girls
Cyber girls are featured on Playboy's website and often become Playmates
1 of 8 Tailor James
2 of 8 Jeanette Martinez
3 of 8 Merritt Cabal
4 of 8 Carolee Bass
5 of 8 Nicole Whitehead
6 of 8 Aubrie Lemon
7 of 8 Erika Michelle Barre
8 of 8 Amy Miller
Insertion Ratio: 1 in 4 packs

12 Gold Foil Inserts--Anniversary Playmates
1 of 12 Nancy Cameron -- 20 th Anniversary
2 of 12 Nancy Cameron -- 20 th Anniversary
3 of 12 Candy Loving -- 25 th Anniversary
4 of 12 Candy Loving -- 25 th Anniversary
5 of 12 Penny Baker -- 30 th Anniversary
6 of 12 Penny Baker -- 30 th Anniversary
7 of 12 Fawna MacLaren -- 35 th Anniversary
8 of 12 Fawna MacLaren -- 35 th Anniversary
9 of 12 Anne-Marie Goddard -- 40 th Anniversary
10 of 12 Anne-Marie Goddard -- 40 th Anniversary
10 of 11 Jaime Bergman (mis-numbered)--45 th Anniversary
12 of 12 Jaime Bergman -- 45 th Anniversary
Insertion Ratio: 1 in 4 packs

10 Autographed Cards

Cards are not numbered--listed alphbetically here
There are 11 standard autographs in PMOY including Patti McGuire
Erica Barre
Debra Jo Fondren
Aubire Lemon
Liv Lindeland
Karen McDougal
Patty McGuire (Connors) See Notes
Fawna McLaren
Lillian Mueller
Amy Miller
Allison Parks
Nicole Whitehead
Insertion Ratio: 1 in 24 packs

possibly released later as extras
Carolee Bass
Taylor James
Jeanette Martinez

Autographed Jumbo Cards
All four jumbo cards are released with the edition
One Autographed Box Topper--Donna Edmundson--(1 in 10 boxes)
One Autographed Binder card--Lisa Baker--(1 in each binder)
One Autographed Case Topper--Merritt Cabal--(1 to a case)
One Autographed Box Topper-Natassia Bernasek--(1 in 10 boxes)

Notes: Another in the long history of delayed release card sets. You would figure that by now Stellar could figure out how much lead time to give a release, even if they are dealing with unco-operative sources. OK, enough griping. The good news is that the set is worth the wait. The artwork is incredible, the models are Playboys cream of the crop, truly stunning women, many images we have not seen before. Cards have images on fronts and backs. Card quality meets the high standard we have come to expect from Playboy and Stellar. One chase card is mis-numbered--the 11 of 12 Anniversary card is numbered 10 of 11. There are no unique binder set cards. Coallation was excellent.

The distribution of autographed cards is a little different with this release. First off there are more of them than usual. There are several box toppers, any of three of the four jumbos may also be in boxes as box toppers. (The Cabal card is only a case topper). The Patti McGuire card was late as was the Donna Edmunson, they were inserted as extras in boxes. The McGuire card is a standard size card but is not in foil packs. It is found at the bottom of boxes in a hard case with a Stellar Collectibles seal. All of the autographs have a "Autograph Signature" stamp and have different artwork from the other cards. Watch for the Patti McGuire autograph card to develop into a key card.

To be honest I had expected this set to be kind of ho-hum as most of the women featured have already been on cards, but this set has enough new material to keep you interested.