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Playmates in Bed Playmate Review Released week of August 14th,2006 By: Stellar Collectibles
Production: 400 cases, 10 cards to a pack, 24 packs to a box, 10 boxes to a case 400 Factory Binder sets, 100 Premium factory binder sets Promo poster: One 8 1/2" x 11" sheet, two promotional cards in Signature Series

Playmates in Bed Chase cards

10 Voluptuous Vixens
Insertion Ratio: About 1 in 4 packs
VV 1/10 Brook Richards
VV 2/10 Christi Shake
VV 3/10 Carrie Wescott
VV 4/10 Karin Taylor
VV 5/10 Priscilla Taylor
VV 6/10 Petra Verkaik
VV 7/10 Rebecca Scott
VV 8/10 Barbara Moore
VV 9/10 Victoria Silvstedt
VV 10/10 Anna Nicole Smith

10 Playmates at Night Cards
Insertion Ratio: About 1 in 4 packs
PN 1/10 Carmella DeCesare
PN 2/10 Christi Shake
PN 3/10 Cara Zavaleta
PN 4/10 Irina Voronina
PN 5/10 Krista Kelly
PN 6/10 Lisa Marie Scott
PN 7/10 Lani Todd
PN 8/10 Michelle Rogers
PN 9/10 Pilar Lastra
PN 10/10 Tailor James

10 Autographed Cards

Cards are not numbered--listed alphbetically here
Insertion Ratio: Better than 1 in 24 packs (by accident or intent)
Carmella De Cesare
Tailor James
Colleen Marie
Shanna Moakler
Rebecca Ramos
Anka Romensky
Tiffany Taylor
Luci Victoria
Irina Voronina
Lindsey Vuolo
A Red foil version of each autograph will also be released
Insertion ratio: 1 to a case or 1:10 boxes

Hot Threads Memorabilia Cards
There are 15 different cards
Insertion Ratio: (One to a box, 10 in a case)
HT/JB Jamie Bergman
HT/CD Carmella DeCesare
HT/TJ1 Tailor James 1 of 2
HT TJ2 Tailor James 2 of 2
HT/LK Lexie Karlson
HT/PL Pilar Lastra
HT/HO Hiroshi Oshima
HT/DR Divini Rae
HT/ss Shauna Sand
HT/CS Christina Santiago
HT/SST Suzanne Stokes
HT/LD1 Lani Todd 1 of 2
HT/LD2 Lani Todd 2 of 2
HT/LV Lindsay Vuolo
HT/JW Jennifer Walcott

Jumbo Cards
There are no jumbo cards in this release

Notes: There are two variants of both the Lani Todd swatch card and the Tailor James swatch card, there are 15 different swatch cards. There are 10 swatch cards to a case, so a full set of cards would require a minimum of two cases to make. Red foil cards were released as both case toppers and as box toppers, they have a silver numbered sticker and were released in toploaders. There are no jumbo cards in the release, coallation was excellent at 20 common sets to a case, 4 full sets of Volupuous Vixens and four sets of Playmates at Night with 20 extra cards each.