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Lingerie 2000

Centerfolds of the Century

Wet and Wild

94-'96 Update Set

College Girls 1

Playmates of the Year

Playmate Review 2002

Lingerie 100th Edition

Playmates Signature Series

50th Anniversary

Lingerie Club

Playmates In Bed

Natural Beauties

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Playboy Collectors Cards


Released: July 14, 2008 (4-5 months late)

By: Stellar Collectibles

Production: 400 10 box cases, 400 factory sets, 100 premium factory sets Sell sheet: Yes, 8" x 11"--information on the sell sheet is full of errors
96 common cards, 2 preview cards, 2 checklists.

#1 to 96 base set, 97 & 98 preview for Vault, checklists 99 and 100.

This release features models from Playboy Vixens newsstand editions
2 promo cards (issued with Playmates in Bed)
30 chase cards
10 Dangerous Curves
1 of 10 Beata Hargitai
2 of 10 Bianca Beauchamp
3 of 10 Devin Lexen
4 of 10 Denise Wortheim
5 of 10 Holly Laar
6 of 10 Lea MacKay
7 of 10 Maryse Ouillet
8 0f 10 Natalie Morris
9 of 10 Nancy Erminia
10 of 10 Neici Banks
Insertion Ratio: 1 in 4 packs
10 Fine and Foxy
1 of 10 Angelica Fernandez
2 of 10 Ana Georgean
3 of 10 Carri Lee
4 fo 10 Charis Boyle
5 of 10 Christi Shake
6 of 10 Courtney Rachel Culkin
7 of 10 Heather Rene
8 of 10 Jennifer Walcott
9 of 10 Louis Glover
10 of 10 Shauna Sand
Insertion Ratio: 1 in 4 packs
Stacked and Sexy
1 of 10 Amy Miller
2 of 10 Bodi Sylvi
3 of 10 Christi Shake
4 of 10 Chantel Poynton
5 of 10 Jaime Hammer
6 of 10 Kitana Baker
7 of 10 Lisa Caballero
8 0f 10 Lisa Wells
9 of 10 Nancy Erminia
10 of 10 Taylor Kennedy
Insertion Ratio: 1 in 4 packs
11 Autographed cards
Autograph cards are not numbered, except in Premium sets
Autographed cards have different artwork from set cards
Charis Boyle
Courtney Rachel Caulkin
Jami Ferrell
Teri Harrison
Kimberly Holland
Marketa Janska
Echo Johnson
Scarlett Keegan
Jennifer Lavoie
Shannon Stewart Insertion Ratio: 1 in 24 packs (one to a box)
Jumbo Cards
There are no jumbo cards in this release
Memorabilia Cards
There are no jumbo cards in this release
Printing plates
Additional chase cards for this release are the printing plates used to create cards for the release. There are four cards for each image (front and back) made of metal and laminated to the card back. The each image is in versions of green, gray, blue and red.
Notes: Information on the Stellar promotional poster for the Vixens set turned out have some changes after the set release, so check this page closely, some things have changed. The information now listed comes from Blue Waves Tradings emails, and after the release itself was available.

Buying a premium binder set for this edition (if you could get one--they were sold out before the release) would provide essentially all the different cards in the set (not all the foil card variants). Prices increased on this edition by 15 to 25% at the wholesale level, (shouldn't prevent "dealers" from selling sets for $7 on eBay though--he said with a mixture of irriation, sadness, and disgust.)

The 98 card base set was released in five foil variants -- Gold in the base set only(lots and lots), Silver in premium factory set (100 sets total) "Ruby red" (5 to a box-- 200 sets total), Purple (5 to 2 boxes-- 100 sets total), "Hot pink" (2 to 3 boxes-- 25 sets total) The silver, red, purple and pink parallel cards are numbered. Angel Boris was originally scheduled to autograph, but did not make the release. Her autograph was subsituted with Teri Harrison