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 Playboy Collectors Cards

Book of Lingerie 100th Edition Released: Week of October 10th, 2005 By: Stellar Collectibles
Production: 400 cases, 10 cards to a pack, 24 packs to a box, 10 boxes to a case 400 Factory Binder sets, 125 Premium factory binder sets Promo poster: One 8 1/2" x 11" sheet
Common set--96 cards plus 2 checklists and two previews Cards 97 and 98--Preview cards for Playmates in Bed Checklist numbers 99 and 100
Promo cards--Two--released with the "50th Anniversary" edition Featuring Images from the Newsstand Edition Book of Lingerie 100th Edition

30 Goil Foil Inserts
  • Top Ten Covers C1 to C10
    Insertion Ratio: 1 in 6 packs
    Listed in order
    C1 Heather Christiansen
    C2 Melissa Arnold
    C3 Krystal Tamburino
    C4 Tally Chanel
    C5 Mandy Ashford
    C6 Rachel Jean Marteen
    C7 Victoria Silvstedt
    C8 Merritt Cabal
    C9 Angela Little
    C10 Sung Hi Lee

  • Top Ten Models M1 to M10
    Insertion Ratio: 1 in 6 packs
    The M8 card is mis-labeled--U8 on the back
    M1 Alley Baggett
    M2 Patricia Ford
    M3 Rachel Jean Marteen
    M4 Sung Hi Lee
    M5 Camille Donatacci
    M6 Victoria Silvstedt
    M7 Heather Christiansen
    U8 Amy Miller
    M9 Lani Todd
    M10 Joy Behrman

  • Unpublished U1 to U10
    Insertion Ratio: 1 in 6 packs
    Listed in order
    U1 Lucia Tovar
    U2 Erin Connor
    U3 Penny Phang
    U4 Sha Ross
    U5 Nancy Ermina
    U6 Kitana Baker
    U7 Amy Miller
    U8 LaTasha Marzolla
    U9 Heather Christiansen
    U10 Alley Baggett

  • 10 Memorabilia or Swatch cards
    Insertion Ratio: 1 in 24 packs (1 to a box)
    Hot Lace cards (listed alphabetically by card legend or number)
    HLCA Cynthia Arroyo
    HLKA Krista Ayne
    HLLA Melissa Arnold
    HLHC1 Heather Christiansen
    HLHC2 Heather Christiansen
    HLEC Erin Connor
    HLHE Heather Elle
    HLNE Nancy Ermina
    HLSJ Sarah Jelly
    HLLM LaTasha Marzolla

    13 Standard Size Autographed Cards

    Cards are not numbered--listed alphbetically here
    Tonia Aguilera
    Alley Baggett
    Kitana Baker
    Bianca Beauchamp
    Lindsey Blaine
    Courtney Culkin (Case Topper)
    Heather Christiansen
    Jaime Hammer(Box Topper)
    Susie Lin
    Mandy Lynn
    Penny Phang
    Gleicy Santos
    Tiffany Sterling (Box Topper, also binder card) 1 in 24 packs

    There are no Jumbo Cards in this edition


    Notes: I'm not certain how it is that the 100th edition of a the Book of Lingerie merits its own card set, but here it is. Pricing did come down slightly for this edition, compared to the 20 autograph Playboy 50th Anniversary release. The L100 Cards may be on a bit thinner stock, I will have to check into this. There are 13 autographs, and while the Tiffany Sterling appears to be in both binders and boxes I expect that we will hear of others from the set being used in binders also. The set features the excellent photography Playboy is known for, with 1 to 3 cards for each of the featured models. The case I broke had excellent coallation in the common cards, following the trend set in previous editions, there will be few cards left over to trade in this trading card set. I pulled all 13 autographs in the case and was missing one Hot Lace card, with two doubles. Further information as it becomes available