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Wet and Wild

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College Girls 1

Playmates of the Year

Playmate Review 2002

Lingerie 100th Edition

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 Playboy Collectors Cards

Lingerie Club Released November 10, 2003 By: Stellar Collectibles
Production: 400 10 box cases, 400 binder sets, 125 Premium binders500 binder sets made for Playboy Catalog Promo poster: one 8 1/2" x 11" sheet
Common set--95 cards, various Lingerie Models plus two 2002 Playmate Review promo cards (96 and 97), one Playboy Cyberclub promo card (98), andtwo checklists (99 and 100)
Promo cards--Two common size released with Playmates of the YearOne Miriam Gonzales jumbo card released with March/April 2003 Lingerie magazine edition

Lingerie Club chase cards

10 Playboys Natural Beauties
Insertion Ratio: About 1 in 4 packs
NB 1/10 Jenny James
NB 2/10 Andrea Lowell
NB 3/10 Genevieve Michelle
NB 4/10 Jessica Lauren
NB 5/10 Heather Christensen
NB 6/10 Irina Voronina
NB 7/10 Roseleena Blair
NB 8/10 Kimberly Scott
NB 9/10 Anika Knudsen
NB 10/10 Celeste Morgan

10 Playmates at Night Cards
Insertion Ratio: About 1 in 4 packs
PN 1/10 Peggy McIntaggart
PN 2/10 Alesha Oreskovitch
PN 3/10 Stacy Fuson
PN 4/10 Barbara Moore
PN 5/10 Tishara Cousino
PN 6/10 Alexandra Karlsen
PN 7/10 Christine Richters
PN 8/10 Nicole Wood
PN 9/10 Lindsey Vuolo
PN 10/10 Tiffany Taylor

10 Autographed Cards

Cards are not numbered--listed alphbetically here
Insertion Ratio: 1 in 24 packs
Dahm Triplets
Victoria Fuller
Stacy Fuson
Peggy McIntaggart
Barbara Moore
Christine Richters
Natalia Sokolova
Tiffany Taylor
Irina Voronina
Lindsey Vuolo
These may be released later
Tishara Cousino
Carmella DeCesare
Alesha Oreskovitch

Hot Lace Cards
There are 10 different cards in silver and gold
Insertion Ratio: Silver (not numbered)--(1 in 24 packs) (doubles possible in a case)
Gold (numbered 1 to 100)--(1 in 96 packs) (about 1 in 4 boxes)
HL 1/10 Angela Little
HL 2/10 Elizabeth Valerio
HL 3/10 Charis Boyle
HL 4/10 Lisa Pittius
HL 5/10 Tea Scott
HL 6/10 Jennifer Lopez
HL 7/10 Melissa Arnold
HL 8/10 Nancy Chevy
HL 9/10 Pualei Millare
HL 10/10 Kristen Stork (short printed) (Thanks, Phil and Jim)

Jumbo Cards
One Autographed Box Topper (1 in 10 boxes) Alexandra Karlsen
One Autographed Binder card (1 in each binder) Jennifer Walcott
One Autographed Case Topper (1 to a case) Nicole Wood
One Unautographed promo card Miriam Gonzales
Other jumbo cards may be released later

Notes: We could go on and on about release dates here, but lets not. The edition was at least two months late, depending on which date you believed. This is the first Playboy card release to include a piece of the model's lingerie embedded in a card (Hot Lace cards). Hot Lace cards are available in both silver and gold versions. One Hot Lace card is included in each binder and one card is included in each foil box. There are 10 different cards with silver legends, and the same 10 cards with gold legends, but the gold cards are rarer and are numbered 1 to 100. Hot Lace cards contain about a 3/4" square piece of the lingerie worn by the subject model in a photo shoot. A picture of the model wearing the lingerie appears on the card. This idea has been done by Lasting Images and Benchwarmers in the past, and it appears to be quite popular with Playboy card collectors, judging by the demand after the editions release. Lingerie Club cards are excellent quality, no errors in the numbering or content are obvious.

The Miriam Gonzales jumbo card is kind of a sleeper, it was released with an edition of the newstand Lingerie magazine with very little publicity. The Kristen Stork Hot Lace H10 appears to be a little more rare than the other Hot Lace cards.