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Lingerie 2000

Centerfolds of the Century

Wet and Wild

94-'96 Update Set

College Girls 1

Playmates of the Year

Playmate Review 2002

Lingerie 100th Edition

Playmates Signature Series

50th Anniversary

Lingerie Club

Playmates In Bed

Natural Beauties

Wet and Wild II



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Playboy Collectors Cards


Released: February, 2009

By: Stellar Collectibles

Production: 150 10 box cases. 75 issued as US exclusive and 75 issued as International exclusive, no binder sets Sell sheet: Yes, 8" x 11"--information on the sell sheet is inaccurate
76 common cards, 2 preview cards, 2 checklists.

#1 to 72 base set, 73 & 74 preview for Vault, checklists 75 and 76.

This release contains unpublished images from prior Playboy card sets
2 promo cards (issued with Vixens)
20 gold chase cards
10 Lingerie Gold Chase
Henriette Alais
Deanna Brooks
Stacy Marie Fuson
Anna Marie Goddard
Angela Little
Fawna McLaren
Christine Richters
Julia Schultz
Rebekah Teasdale
Brittany York
Insertion Ratio: 1 in each pack
10 Masterpiece Gold
Donna Edmundson
Heather Kozar
Liv Lindeland
Candy Loving
Jayne Mansfield
Julie McCullough
Karen McDougal
Donna Michelle
Bettie Page
Shannon Tweed
Insertion Ratio: 1 in each pack
25 Autographed cards Insertion Ratio: 1 in 24 packs (one to a box)
10 USA edition exclusive
Alley Baggett
Julie Cialini
Daniella Gil
Vanessa Gleason
Miriam Gonzales
Susan Stokes
Lani Todd
Holly Witt
Nicole Wood
Sara Zane
10 International edition exclusive
Heather Christiansen
Kristi Cline
Marilyn Cole
Teri Lynn
Julia Lyndon
Jackie Marie
Janet Quist
Penny Phang
Shannon Stewart
Jennifer Walcott
5 Common to both editions
Lisa Baker
Angel Boris
Stacy Fuson
Madison Marie
Anka Romensky
Jumbo Cards
Memorabilia Cards Insertion Ratio: 1 in 12 packs (two to a box)
10 USA edition exclusive<
Jaime Bergman
Heather Christiansen
Lauren Michelle Hill
Taylor James (1 of 2)
Taylor James (2 of 2)
Lexie Karlson
Lisa Marie Scott
Suzanne Stokes
Buffy Tyler
Jennifer Walcott
10 International edition exclusive
Cynthia Arroyo
Heather Christiansen
Erin Connor
Kirsten DeRumsee
Nancy Ermina
Sarah Jelly
Pilar Lastra
LaTasha Marzolla
Christian Santiago
Lani Todd
10 Common to both editions
Melissa Arnold
Angie Baker
Jennifer Brock
Carmella DeCesare
Sarah Jelly
Divini Rae
Angela Taylor
Tiffany Taylor
Lindsey Vuolo
Laurie Wallace
Notes: This release was made in two versions, a USA exclusive and an International exclusive, which really did nothing other than complicate matters. Dealers in the US who wished to handle the International edition made arrangements to obtain the International cards before the edition had been released. The same held true for overseas dealers. There were no binder sets released for this edition.