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 Playboy Collectors Cards

Playmate Signature Series Released week of May 14, 2006 By: Stellar Collectibles
Production: 500 boxes, 3000 tins, 18000 cards Promotional flyer--One 8-1/2" x 11" promo sheet
60 Cards, all autographs [Only red foil cards are numbered--see notes] 28 cards are repeats from Playboy 50th Anniversary, 32 cards are new, 11 Playmates have not signed before this release in other editions
Four Checklists C1-C4, no other promotional cards, no binder or foil packs, cards were issued in "tins" containing 6 autographed cards each. A "box" of 6 tins was offered to dealers. I have seen a black promotional trading card, no information on how they were distributed.
Red foil variant autographs could be considered chase cards they are numbered 1 to 70

Autographed cards 

   Cards with * denote a card re-released from 50th Anniversary:
   Cards in bold are Playmate who have not signed in other editions (see notes)

Lynn Austin*          Lisa Baker          Heidi Becker
Tina Bockrath         Tawni Cable         Nancy Cameron*
Jean Cannon*          Diane Chandler*     Julie Cialini  
Kristi Cline          Marilyn Cole        Candace Collins*
Carmella DeCesare*    Becky DeLos Santos* Devin DeVasquez
Terry Lynn Doss       Michelle Drake*     Lourdes Estores*
Danielle Folta        Karen Foster        Cindy Fuller*
Stacy Fuson           Joey Gibson*        Miriam Gonzalez
Virginia Gordon       Barbara Hillary*    Diane Hunter 
Tailor James          Marlene Janssen     Elke Jensen
Terri Kimball         Shay Knuth          DeDe Lind
Julia Lyndon          Audra Lynn*         Kym Malin
Colleen Marie*        Patricia McClain*   Angela Melini
Shanna Moakler*       Barbara Moore       Elaine Morton*
Karen Morton          Lillian Mueller     Jonnie Nicely
Lesa Ann Pedriana     Janet Quist         Christine Richters
Sharon Rogers*        Anka Romensky       Pamela Saunders*    
Leisa Sheridan*       Liz Stewart         Sharon Stewart 
Suzanne Stokes        Jeana Tomasino*     Victoria Valentino  
Irina Voronina*       Jennifer Walcott    Nicole Whitehead
Holly Witt            Nicole Wood         Ginger Young*

--The autograph list was taken from the Stellar 
  promotional literature and website, the Tailor James, Kym Malin
  and Anka Romensky cards were added after the editions' 
  release, the Natalia Sokolova card listed on promotional literature
  was not released.--   

Notes: Each of these cards is supplied in a top loader with a Stellar sticker sealing the top. This set has been advertised as a separate release, however after seeing the new cards I don't see how this could be considered anything other than an expansion of the autographs for 50th Anniversary. The card layout and logos all match 50th Anniversary autographs. A good portion of the cards in this set are re-releases, and there is no binder for the set. (Every set released prior to this release, aside from the EXPO set, has had its own binder.)

Released after the usual delays, this set entered the market in mid-May 2006. I have no information on relative coallation, but judging by internet auctions it appears the relative numbers of individual cards may not be the same. For example, there seem to be a lot of Marilyn Cole cards available, which is not a bad thing, as she is one of the signers who did not sign before. I have listed Playmates who have never signed for a prior release in bold, this includes all other editions aside from the Collectors Club and the EXPO edition since collectors do not usually have access to those cards.

Each tin of six cards is supposed to contain one red foil and five gold foil cards. Each box of six tins should contain no more than 2 previously released cards from 50th Anniversary, leaving 28 new gold foil cards per box, therefore to put together a full set of gold cards, a minimum of two boxes will need to be opened, assuming perfect coallation across boxes. There are only 52 red foil cards in the set not 60, no information on which gold foil cards are not issued in red foil as yet. The red foil cards are numbered 1 to 70, the other cards are not numbered. Dealers with additional information on coallation are encouraged to contact me.

Jim Dryden confirms that the Jennifer Walcott autograph was done on both the C4 checklist and on a regular autograph card. The checklist autograph card could be classified as as an "error" card or as a variant.