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Lingerie 2000

Released August 11, 2000

By: Stellar Collectibles

Production: 500 cases, 1125 binder sets Promo poster: 11" x 17" Alley Bagget
Common set--100 Cards


45 different Playboy Lingerie Models
[No Preview or Promo Cards were issued]

3 Checklists

#'s 98, 99 100

24 Goil Foil Inserts

Card #s 101 to 113 13 Gold Foil "Editors Choice" cards [from the July/Aug 2000 Book of Lingerie] Promo poster and pre-sell info on the number of these cards in binder sets (12) is in error Insertion Ratio: 1 in 3 packs Card #s 114 to 124 11 Gold Foil "Unpublished" cards [from the July/Aug 2000 Book of Lingerie] Promo poster and pre-sell info on the number of these cards in binder sets (12) is in error Insertion Ratio: 1 in 3 packs
10 Autographed standard size cards
Card #s 125 to 134
None of the autographed cards from boxes are numbered
Premium set autographed cards are the only cards numbered
Card 125 Alley Bagget
Card 126 Joy Behrman
Card 127 Angela Little (Redemption card--no autograph)
Card 128 Amy Miller
Card 129 Kelly Monaco (Very rare in foil boxes)
Card 130 Tiffany Taylor
Card 131 Sasha Singleton
Card 132 Jesseca Turner
Card 133 Petra Verkaik
Card 134 Dita Von Teese Insertion Ratio: 1 in 24 (Thanks JB) packs (one to a box) A case would not always contain all ten autograph cards [doubles were common]

3 Autographed Jumbo Cards

Card #s 135 to 137 135 Katalina Verdin Binder set (auto) 136 Alley Baggett Readers Choice Binder set (auto) 137 Tiffany Taylor case topper (auto) Insertion Ratio: One case topper to a case. One in each factory binder. Premium binder sets had both binder cards

Notes: Originally scheduled for release on July 15th, 2000 Actual release was delayed by production problems. In April, 2000 Playboy removed the card marketing license from Paradigm Cards and transferred it to Stellar Collectibles. Case production was planned lower than Paradigm's, binder set production was about the same. 125 Premium binder sets were made, 1000 factory binder sets were made. Pricing on box cases increased by roughly 10% over Paradigms December release, factory sets also increased slightly. Promo posters were not released until the cases were shipped, 5 posters to a case.

Card 73 is an error card, the same image appears front and back. The 127 Angela Little autograph card is a redemption card, offered as redemptions are red foil or jumbo cards from Centerfolds of the Century, the next planned release. (December 15th, 2000)

Coallation on this edition averaged one set to a box, 15 sets to a case, some boxes did not make sets. Card numbers in the 90s are poorly coallated, particularly the 94, 95, 96, and 97 cards. Stellar has been good about filling requests for missing cards, if they are not excessive. The Kelly Monaco 129 auto is extrememly rare in foil boxes but was found in premium sets. Card stock went from 12 point in Sports Time and Paradigm releases to 16 point, cards to a box dropped from 360 to 240, coupled with the price increase on the case, per card price went up over 40% against the average from SuperModels Lingerie. [Most dealers felt the art direction and print quality improved.]

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