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Playboy Collectors Cards
Update 7 2012-2016 Released March 29, 2017 By: Stellar Collectibles
Production: 125 cases, 12 boxes to a case, 96 cards to a box, no foil packs 25 Factory Binder sets by Blue Waves, 25 Premium factory binder sets by Stellar
Promo sell sheet: JPG file emailed to dealers
Common set--104 cards including 2 preview and 2 checklists
#1 to #104, two cards per PMOM starting Jan 2012 ending Feb 2016 Promo cards are for Blondes, Brunettes, and Redheads Special editions
The Update 6 set was released in November, 2015 Possibly the last Centerfold Cards release
Checklist numbers: 103 and 104

8 Editors Choice Inserts
1 EC Heather Knox
2 EC Heather Knox
3 EC Val Keil
4 EC Val Keil
5 EC Stepahnie Branton
6 EC Stepahnie Branton
7 EC Ana Cherie
8 EC Ana Cherie
Insertion Ratio: 2 to 3 to a box

12 Gold Foil Inserts--Playmates of the Year
 1 PY Jaclyn Swedburg
 2 PY Jaclyn Swedburg
 3 PY Jaclyn Swedburg
4 PY Racquel Pomplun
5 PY Racquel Pomplun
6 PY Racquel Pomplun
7 PY Kennedy Summers
8 PY Kennedy Summers
9 PY Kennedy Summers
10 PY Dani Mathers
11 PY Dani Mathers
12 PY Dani Mathers

Insertion Ratio: 5 to 6 to a box

Memorabilia  Cards

Twenty Three swatch or memorabilia chase cards, not numbered, listed alphabetically  Insertion ratio 2-3 to a box

    Audrey Aleen Allen
    Alissa Alee
    Chelsea Aryn
    Jessica Ashley
    Stephanie Branton
    Alexa Campos
    Ana Cheri
    Kaylee Collins
    Gemma Lee Farrell
    Kristy Garrett
    Rachel Harris
    Heather Knox
    Nikki Leigh
    Britt Linn
    Dani Mathers
    Maggie May
    Brianna Noelle
    Jaslyn Ome
    Racquel Pomplun ***
    Jaclyn Swedberg
    Tiffany Toth
    Kate Vernola
    Heather Rae Young

***  There are a total of 6 Memorabilia cards for Racquel Pomplun including the Spotlight Playmate cards, the standard memorabilia card and the scented memorabilia card.  The layout or format varies from card to card.

Autograph Cards

     There is only one autographed card in this release.   Insertion ratio
one to a case 
Racquel Pomplun

Scented Memorabila Cards
      Six scented swatch or memorabilia chase cards, supplied shrink wrapped.  Not numbered, listed alphbetically.      Insertion ratio 1 in every 2 boxes
        Pamela Horton
        Shanice Jordyn
        Val Keil
        Dani Mathers
        Kristen Nicole
        Racquel Pomplun

4 Spotlight Memorabilia Cards
Cards are numbered 1 through 4 -- each of Racquel Pomplun   (Thanks to hefscards)  Insertion Ratio   Approx  1 in a case

1 Spotlight Birthstone Card
         Cards are not numbered   Same format as other recent birthstone cards.  One featured or "Spotlight" Playmate in this release
                 Racquel Pomplun
       Insertion ratio  Approx 1 to a case
1 Spotlight Kiss Card

Cards are not numbered.  There is only one Kiss card in this edition
           Relatively new to Playboy cards, Kiss cards are fairly common in other sets such as Benchwarmers
                 Racquel Pomplun
                      Insertion Ratio   Approx  1 to a case

1 Spotlight Hair Locket Card

Cards are not numbered--listed alphabetically here.
            Similar to DNA cards in previous releases.  There is one Hair Locket card for this release
              Racquel Pomplun
                       Insertion Ratio   Approx  1 in a case
            Update 7 was released in late March 2017.  It came out following a bewildering period of editorial, focus, and policy changes for Playboy Magazine.  In March 2016 the magazine discontinued nudity, this policy much as most of the other changes made to the magazine was unsuccessful, and as of February 2017 was discontinued, with nudity returning just before Update 7 was released.   Had nudity remained absent, most collectors would agree the Centerfold Collectors card series had found a convenient ending point.  For this reason, and in an admirable attempt to close the series out,  Update 7 includes two the January/February Playmates in 2016.  It remains to be seen whether Playboy or Stellar will attempt to continue Centerfold Cards now that nudity in the magazine has returned, particularly since there is much question as to whether the magazine will continue. 

Update 7 It follows the same formats as the previous  Updates 1-6, and has the same types of chase cards as other Update editons, however the number of the types of chase cards varies.   Due to the expanded number of cards in the release, that is 100 base cards vs 72 in other Updates, it is not possible to complete a base set with one box of cards.  In the case I broke, I made 9 sets from 12 boxes.   There are no obvious short prints and no errors in numbering noted..   Card quality and chase card distribultion within boxes is excellent, the case yeilded a complete set of memorabilia cards, one autograph card, and one printing plate.  Only one Spotlight card and two of four Racquel Pomplun Spotlight Memorabilia cards were missing. 
 Lower insertion ratio (that is rarer) chase cards have the usual purple foil, gold foil, and silver (or platinum if you will) variations for those who think it matters.  There is a stickered case topper,  which was a purple foil memorabila card.  This likely varies from case to case.

Scented memorabilia cards are supplied in plastic shrink wrap, probably best not to remove it unless you want to drop the cards value substantially.   Most chase cards are not numbered so no idea of the number of chase cards made, but the insertion ratio should give some idea. 

Collectors looking to complete the Centerfold Card series should be satisfied with this release, and if this in fact the last one in the series, it has been a good run.   The images chosen for this set, with only a few exceptions that are likely caused by the choice of Playmate and layout at the time, continue the high standard set by the Playboy magazine in the past.   I have no idea how that standard could have been maintained based on the poor quality of photography, content, and layout that has characterized Playboy magazine in the last year.